Ants vs. Food (Game)

Birt 14 maí 2021
In today's episode of Mystery Countdown Theater, we're watching ants eat in reverse and seeing who can guess what the food is first! GMM # 1959

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  • This is one of those ones where you're shouting at the TV

  • Ahoyhoy There, Fellow ISmemrinos! I learned you literally catch more flies with milk than honey or vinegar.i actually did an experiment.

  • I’m allergic to kiwi’s :(

  • Rhetts hair is immaculate 🤌🤌🤌

  • One thing I learned from this is that ants are really messy diners!

  • I live in Japan and people were appalled I wasn’t eating the kiwi skin 😂 I questioned everything after that

  • Are they colorblind😂😂😂

  • MAYONNAISE 🤣🤣🤣 Link is true entertainment

  • Did Link just ask why there was peanuts in the middle of a melon

  • I didn't know people ate kiwis without the skin its the best part.

  • I also thought Communion wafer it’s okay link 😂

  • I've ate kiwis that way my whole life so good, the tartness of the skin with the sweet fruit so good

  • Nobody is speaking about how much feast this ants had

  • Link was damn close with "pumpkin" on that first one

  • Loved

  • Watch this be on wikifeet

  • Answers: extremely precise Rhett and link: *get pretty close* Stevie: “Oh mY gOd yOu gUys! Im nOt gIviNg aNy pOiNtS!” 🤨

  • Was it just me that said to myself, “it’s gonna say congratulations Rhett” right before link guessed that??? 🤣

  • I was sittin there yelling HONEYDEWWW😂

  • Honestly a lot of this was bs

  • "Also her closet...can I have the rest of the footage"🤣


  • Ah yes, maggots. My favourite kind of ant.

  • I will now be singing "Well maybe they did it in a circle because it's a tortilla" to the tune of "There's a pickle in the middle of my burger and it's covered in chocolate."

  • Been eating kiwis with the skin on since I was a kid. Or rather, eat the inside with a spoon first, and then eat the skin as is. Omnom.

  • I have always ate my kiwis like that and everyone sed I was crazy.

  • These shirts are disturbing

  • I also thought that it was surely going to be congratulations Rhett lmao

  • rhett... i’ve been eating kiwis that way my whole life

  • Can we talk about how according to Link mayonnaise is similar to syrup? 😂😂😂


  • seeing ants move around is soo relaxing

  • Im sorry but, since no one is saying it but everyones thinking it, I'll say it: We NEED that "Rhett's Feet" shirt as merch, PLEASE 👏

  • Most youtubers: I dont want to show my feet on camera GMM: Makes a shirt covered in one of the host’s feet

  • They're still going!?

  • I want an ant proof coffin! Rhett

  • Stevie should stop with the attitude

  • Are you 100years old????

  • I guessed "Congrats Rhett" for the last one, too . . .

  • i always forget how angry these vids make me. there's a difference between difficult and irrational!

  • 4:14 link gave me trisha paytas vibes...

  • is no one going to talk about how in all other videos Davin was pronounced (Dave-in) and in this video they are saying (Dahv-in) ???

  • They dont know in USA what Piernik is?

  • Link have been deFEETed again

  • Wait a minute!!! Now, Rhett's hair goes down and Link's hair goes up! I think I'm in another reality...

  • The understood grip enthrallingly wonder because desire astonishingly kneel against a sour margaret. unknown, grumpy chicken

  • i love the shirt thing they do

  • Rhett looks like a lion

  • This episode was sooo good. Finally lots of laughing. Just like in earlier seasons. Loved it)))

  • This episode is so WTF

  • I pity the person on the mythical crew that had to design those shirts and have them printed

  • Lmfao man said "passover wafer" and "mayonnaise" 😆 🤣 😂

  • 10:04 Rhett whispering passover wafer is so funny to me

  • I don't know why this episode of mystery countdown theatre is so funny and entertaining I think it must be because of the ants

  • "It's also her closet can I get the rest of the footage" ~Link

  • Link- I think that's what happens to your body. In the ground... Me- Urmmmmm 😲👀

  • I have been eating kiwi skins my whole life. Now I feel validated. Thanks Rhett!

  • someone get these guys a pair of glasses.. new ones for link

  • I definitely thought that the last round would be “Congratulations Rhett” too 😂😅😂

  • “”You guys are going to do well today””don’t ever say that again” I lost it 😭😂

  • happy to know im not the only "apple" kiwi eater lol

  • When I heard the intro I thought they'd be eating ants that had only been fed a certain food to see if they tasted like that food.

  • That first one was a melon? I swear I've never seen a melon like that

  • 9:12 I have never agreed with anyone more in my life

  • to rhett and link's credit, i also could not for the life of me tell what those items were

  • It's not a Lemon, it's a Melon :D

  • Syrup is just like butter and mayonnaise.

  • Hey

  • “Maybetheydidcirclebecauseitstortilla?”

  • who else knew these immediately hahah

  • They should fire the guy who chose the food. Rhett and link didn’t even know what it was at 0.

  • Stevie: "You'll easily get these!" Deven: "Hold my specific beer."

  • I’m really sick of seeing Link lose....

  • pile of sugar. yeah, uh, a pastry? aka A COOKIE!

  • Funny how Rhett always was going to say.... But doesn't.?

  • First wet your kiwi before eating it with the skin on. Makes it more sour too

  • It's been a awhile sense I've been here

  • "can I get the rest of that footage."

  • The joke T-shirt budget for this show must be astronomical.

  • Stevie: “what’s like syrup” Link: “butter” 🥴

  • just came back to check on gmm after years and rhett looks like a caveman now.

  • Link didn’t want to be there.

  • Rhett should’ve gotten the points for cantaloupe. I don’t know the difference between the 2 since they taste almost the same to me.

  • A whole kiwi eating is becoming a new possum story

  • *”maybetheydoitinacirclecauseitsaTORTILLA”*

  • You guys looking at each other and laughing was hilarious.

  • Rett Fabio and link where's waldo. they keep calling me they want their hair back. lolol

  • this was so cool

  • Kiwi with the skin on is great i agree with Rhett 😉

  • What the flip how did they not guess the first one.

  • Is it me or the shroud of torin has came to life pmsl 😂

  • Day 138 of asking Rhett and Link to play among us

  • Episode could be titled: Link Loses Yet Another Game Again Edition

  • Geez I’ve been here since like 2016 2017

  • So, a lox roll is not a sandwich but a hotdog is?

  • Just woke up, Eating left over peporoni jalepeno pizza, watching gmm, life is *great* :D

  • woww

  • I was wondering why Rhett was wearing his collar buttoned like a Cholo, but then when they started talking about the shirts I knew exactly why

  • I still don’t think that is a cookie.

  • Why does it always feel like Stevie accepts all of Rhetts close ones but never gives Link the close ones.