Are Products Getting Smaller Over Time?

Birt 15 des 2020
Are things getting smaller? Today, we’re seeing if Link can guess the product that has gotten smaller over the years. GMM

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  • I'd love that giant jar of Skippy! It's the best PB.

  • It is positively tiny now.

  • Their Big Mac looks REALLY good...

  • I just was thinking this today. It feels like everything is getting smaller

  • They do have a big Mac in Canada with 4 parties and extra cheese

  • In my country they are getting smaller and more expensive

  • Size ⬇️ Prices ⬆️

  • I worked mcd's in 90 they used the same patty as the reg burger 1/10th of a pound

  • Rhett looks like he just escaped jumanji lol. So do i !

  • Corporations and Greed will be the downfall of Human Beings!! Eventually, a “Big Mac” will be the size of two sliders together!!!

  • I’m the one person who doesn’t know what a Big Mac is made of

  • At 3:17 it looks like the peanut butter has a Handle but it’s the mug behind it

  • Entrepre-neuuuure

  • Canadians: *laughing at the Americans smaller Big Mac*

  • Bounty was a master at this. I work for costco and one day they changed their sheet count from 180 a roll to 94 and left the price the same. I mentioned this to my manager and he never looked into it.

  • I seriously doubt lowering the count served is going to do anything but benefit America.

  • toilet paper has been consistently shrinking for years.

  • in the case of potato chips, they do shrinkflation. but there's an additional trick; when they've got the "large" chip bag down to, let's just say, 5oz that's when they announce their new jumbo 8.5oz bag. of course, they charge substantially more for it. and the process starts all over again.

  • Links intellect goes up 26% when he competes against himself vs Rhett. You be the judge on the psychology of that

  • American burgers are huge, how do y'all eat all that and not feel sick

  • Watching this from Lynchburg, VA

  • I love how rhetts skippy jar looks like it has a handle

  • i'm that one person

  • Yes. Things have been getting smaller for years!!

  • McD's finally bit the bullet and admitted the shrinkage with the "Grand" Big Mac. Like, it was called the "BIG MAC" initially for a reason. People think we're fools.

  • I don't know what gourmet mcD's you think you went to in the 90s, but the big mac definitely did NOT look like that even back then.

  • I've seen bigger but I'll take it..... that what she said

  • McDonald’s used to use 8/1 burger patties for Big Macs. That is 8 burgers to 1 pound, or 2 ounces each. They now use 10/1 patties, or 10 burgers to 1 pound, or 1.6 ounces each.

  • The “Big” Mac is just a Small Mac now

  • In addition to making items smaller, companies have also changed to cheaper ingredients.

  • Oreos have declined big time.

  • I just want to know why Rhett got so excited😈, about that much peanut butter 🥜

  • Oh u should see it in the UK the food has been getting far smaller for years

  • The mc rib shrunk just as much if not more as i use to use 2 hands and now just one and one is simply not enough

  • Cadbury eggs are smaller by 11%

  • are products getting smaller over time? seems like it when holding something like a Mickey D's Big Mac when one has big hands.

  • I thought Moonpies had a larger single size... I know the ones in the box are smaller than the ones you buy at the gas station.

  • Whoa... Haven't watched this channel in a couple years. Rhett looks like a groomed caveman now

  • He shouldn't be allowed to touch them

  • If your hands do get smaller as you get older then the opposite would have happened and the bigmac of today would have appeared bigger, not smaller.

  • Yep was what I thought

  • I make homemade big macs.

  • These guys have to tiny because that modern big Mac looks huge next to them

  • I refuse to play that game as well

  • I used to think that all products were much smaller than when I was a kid, then I remembered that my hands are much bigger now.

    • Most products are actually smaller too though, it's a way of increasing profit without increasing the price for the consumer so obviously a committed capitalist is going to do it. The products that haven't got smaller are from the manufacturers that have qualms about misleading consumers in this way. Your choice which you choose.

  • I have noticed that toilet paper has shrunk! It isn't as wide as it used to be. As consumers we are getting screwed up, down, and sideways.

  • Nit to be confused with the big bigmac..🤣🤣

  • 1990 you guys where small kids thats why it looked bigger before🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Toilet paper cardboard is smaller.

  • This is what I’ve been saying. Everyone goes on about how much more we eat and I think food is smaller now, but probably with more additives like corn syrup to ensure we all get diabetes.


  • Link doesnt like crunchy peanut butter?....HERESY.

  • what's with the hippy hair ?

  • I can promise you that’s not what the big Mac look like in 1990

  • I've been noticing this for awhile.

  • I can attest about the Big Mac. I worked at McDonald’s as a young chap. They used 1/8th pound patties. They now use 1/10 patties. It was not announced. It was not spoken anywhere. I asked, “what happened to the 1/8 patties?” They said, “They’re dime patties.” That’s all the explanation I got. They ARE smaller.

  • I had a craving for a mcgriddle. Which I refuse to get McDonald's bc there's 52 chemicals in the big mac and that scares me. Anyways my sandwich was so damn small. And it literally was just 4 bites until it was gone.

  • TWINKIES and SNOWBALLS and miniscule nowadays compared to 20 years ago

  • They are getting modified not smaller

  • Is it me..or is everone else getting tired of seeing these self-absorbed guys?

  • “I’m talking to the one person who doesn’t know what’s on a Big Mac” Thanks Rhett

  • Pretty much everything was bigger when we were smaller.

  • Fish filets are tiny now. And expensive

  • They are getting smaller and people are getting bigger.

  • 3 liter sodas shrank to 2 liter sodas

  • Everything is shrunken cause companies to screw people over especially Mc Donald's I can make 20 burgers handmade to the price of one big Mac in Canada

  • That's like bacon used to come in one pound packages now it's 14 oz sometimes even 12

  • My favorite burger back in the 70's was the Burger King Whopper, now it doesn't even compare to the buergers of old.

  • Most of the time the product gets smaller, while the price still goes up....💩

  • Big Mac's were even bigger in 70s than the 90s.

  • Snapchat commercials brought me here. Love yall

  • I'm the one person watching this video who doesn't know what a big mac is!

  • Hi I'm the one person that didn't know what a Big Mac was made of

  • Ya know, it looks like Rhett has a Skippy mug, and I'm just saying... I would buy that

  • Yessssss....... I remember big mac in 80s , i was unable to finish one but they shrunk everything.....

  • The first time I had a Big Mac it was small I thought it would be bigger

  • Yes everything is getting smaller and the price goes up

  • Wood was shrunk to make the dimension correct with 2 sheets of sheetrock/plywood.

  • "Im telling the one person who didnt know" I feel personally attacked.

  • And adding more ketchup to the regular smaller Salty Hamburgers for flavor

  • I just thought my hands were getting enormous

  • Everything at McDonald's used to taste a lot better years ago.

  • Everything at McDonald's used to taste a lot better years ago.

  • A 2 by4 is the msuerment before cutting it I guess that incompetents get pay for ridiculous videos

  • Looks like a 1 lb patty on that big Mac have eaten them since they originated and have been 1/8th ounce patties always

  • I remember Kleenex being 100 sheets when I was in elementary school. I've since then graduated, so I'm not sure when the shrinkage happened

  • Genericization is the word btw

  • Yeah, Big Mac patties used to be thicker than the French fries.

  • Wendys doing the same bs. With veggies n cheese :/

  • When I worked at McD's back in the 1970s, the precooked patties were always 10 per pound... or 1.6 oz.

  • Also they've made bread more air than bread. Hamburger buns are a good example of that, you take a couple bites of the burger and the bun falls apart from all the air in the bun. Sandwiches do the same too.

  • Yes they are, even ice creams . Dq tenders were bigger wen I was a kid now they smaller.also from whataburger and I feel like canes too.the lolipos with chocolate got way smaller

  • Ive noticed this with mu facorite cereals also. Especially Fruity Pebbles. They used to be pebbles, not flat rice.

  • Of course they are, but the price doesn't come down. That's shrinkflation.

  • This guy had a big Mac in his fridge for the past 30 years?

  • DiGiorno Pizza Entemanns Donuts Hostess Zingers Reese’s PB cups Ice Cream cartons ( almost every company uses smaller than a half gallon now) All are smaller than 10- 15 yrs ago . But cost has gone up

  • What stuns me is how much a bottle of water costs these days. Sad times. Humanity is coming to an end soon, and let's be honest, it's for the best.

  • 3:20 peanut mug

  • Yes just look at the bomb pop ice cream

  • It’s not the size of the wood that counts it’s how you use it