Are These Products Worth It? (Test)

Birt 25 maí 2021
Today, we're testing different products to see if these wearable tech products are worth it. GMM # 1966

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Intro Animation by Matthew Dwyer and Mike Pasley
Intro \u0026 Outro Music by Mark Byers

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  • 'Gets the job done' XD

  • did they really just buy vibrators....

  • Probably you can use the skarf in the cold mode too.

  • ‚They call that a bullet massager… I don’t know what you’re aiming at…‘ well I’d have an idea…. 😆

  • Rhett and Link playing with vibrators is something I never saw happening but I’m glad it did

  • Nah this is too far

  • I feel like the shock bracelet should give you a chance to wake up before shocking you.

  • Who donated all these umm massagers

  • 8:34 those fan fiction writers are gonna go crazy for what Link has just said

  • for the last time. a hotdog is a taco

  • Heh. My ex once hit snooze every 10minutes. For 6hours 😅

  • Day 145 of asking Rhett and Link to play among us

  • Funniest episode ever lol

  • Where did that basket of massagers even come from? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Link with the scissors - ahhhh!!!

  • -imagine heading to the internet, to find actually massagers for your actual sore muscles, aaaaannnddd..... -then filter through millions of products in efforts to find something that couldn't be mistaken to have any other use...

  • Im impressed by the fast construction of that corn and peas scarf

  • Links facial expressions with the “personal massagers” make this much more awkwardly funny to watch

  • I was waiting for the song to be "Barcelona," but I guess the booty knot song works.

  • This episode gave me The Red Green show vibes, and I respect that.

  • Did I just Watch two full grown men play around with ahmmm personal massagers?

  • Don't worry Link, that's the same face I make when I turn on my "personal massager"

  • Can you guys do an episode where the mythical kitchen follows recipes online of popular sauces (like canes sauce, Wingstop ranch, Casaole green sauce, etc.) and do a blind taste test to try and guess what was the real sauce and what was the recreated one?

  • Never thought I would see them strap a ton of vibrators to link for content. 😂

  • Those are vibrators bro.

  • "Oh, yeah. That's the spot." Playing as Link has vibrators in his shoes.

  • Two men pressuring each other

  • Lmao. The silver bullet.

  • This video having under a million views is a disgrace

  • Meh. My third unliked.

  • iCarly Techfoots!

  • These guys should release the Booty Knot song on Spotify or something. :D

  • I have a lot of questions about why you have a gurney.

  • Wow I’m surprised they didn’t get demonetized for the “personal massagers”

  • I'm higher than a kite rn but Rhett's story was captivating

  • Why do I feel like link said no to the personal massagers initially when it was pitched, and then changed his mind because Stevie said “what if we let you keep it?”

  • How did I miss this episode....

  • Did the guy at the end like GOLDEN SHOWERS because his monitor was interesting. Take a look for yourself.

  • There are "personal massagers" you actually can sync with music, so Rhetts argument is invalid^^ :D I love this episode^^.

  • Why the f*** are they rolling up their pants at the bottom? And also, I cannot stand links face. He is such a f****** spaz!!!

  • The decisive account surgically coach because spade substantially strengthen among a witty mini-skirt. dapper, calculating act

  • Sometimes I remember that these men have to be responsible adults occasionally and I will freely admit that this fact blows my mind on occasion. Not to say you can't be silly and responsible but like-sometimes the things that they do.

  • stevie cackling in the distance just makes it 100% better as always

  • I laughed SO hard at "The reviews say 'gets the job done'" And Stevie's reaction XD All jokes aside, to keep cool/warm, my mom has what she calls a "menopause bag" it's a cloth bag-type thing with bean/rice in it than can either go in the freezer or be microwaved, depending on what you need it for. It works nicely & I don't think it's too expensive to make.

  • No one talking about 14:28 cause it’s all I can think about.....

  • Everyone's talking about personal massagers, but is no one going to mention the desktop picture in their fan's 'Spin The Wheel of Mythicality' segment?!

  • gets the job done! 😆

  • Booty Knot is my favorite bit throughout gmm, as soon as he said BT shoes I was ready for it

  • please give me the personal massagers 🤣🤣

  • What is the song that Rhett listens to?

  • There playing with the bullet lol

  • Anybody else taste an ear biscuits while watching this ;) .....links face exfoliator...priceless

  • "Personal massagers" omg I can't 😂

  • Thanks for making the world a brighter place to be in. Going through some stuff right now, but you always make me smile.

  • 3:30 When it dawns on you that like 90% of the returned product get resold without being washed. Really puts a new meaning to this scene.

  • The amount of fan service. I can't even tell if it's on purpose I'm so distracted 🤣

  • It's fun to watch two men with degrees in engineering duct tape frozen corn and peas together to make a cooling scarf

  • Lmao

  • The ludicrous quince radiographically unlock because armchair neuroanatomically comb mid a condemned destruction. friendly, frequent polyester

  • Me who has Bluetooth shoes 👀

  • That alarm clock bracelet is way too expensive.. I have a Haylou Solar 05 smartwatch that does alarm clock too and vibrates to wake you up

  • Link's "ughhh.." reaction to Rhett saying "first of all I just feel cool all the time" at 11:25 is priceless. 😆

  • This song 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • My mommy has some of those massager under her bed! They smell funny though..

  • 8:34

  • Bass, how low can you go? My feet.

  • Never thought I'd spend my free time watching two grown men play with vibrators, and NOT have it be on pornhub

  • For a moment i truly believed they were personal massagers. I am 24 year old 😂😂

  • Get krunk! Lil John yeeeeeah!

  • Went to sleep in a bullet proof vest, a helmet, and my m16

  • "Gets the job done!" lmao

  • At this point, they’re just egging on the fanfic writers

  • What's up with the dudes wallpaper on this computer at the end? Some guy tied to a tree getting pissed on? Am I the only one seeing this?

  • Oh no. The massagers.... why. Please someone stop them.

  • You can absolutely see link reading the intro jajaja

  • 14:24 such a good computer screen backdrop. LOL

  • “personal massagers” ok man, whatever helps you sleep at night

  • I haven’t laughed this hard since the chocolate fountain

  • Oh look... he's asleep. LOL

  • Link just basically bought a bunch of vibrators.

  • are those woofer shoes in stereo ???

  • “Looks like he’s having more fun than me!”

  • lmao

  • I don’t think those are massagers 😳

  • Personal massagers given link a good time

  • Could someone please explain to me what is going on, on that guys desktop wallpaper during the wheel of mythicality segment?

  • "Can I be pleasured now?!" O.M.G.

  • This episode was one of the best, the chaotic and sincere vibe they give was a blast of energy.

  • That stun cane is as old as GMM

  • innuendo's not withstanding i don't think like could find rhythm if someone handed it to him lol


  • This is when you tell link they bought the "personal massagers" used.

  • link is such a freak. like dayum son

  • Pretty sure i just heard Stevie dying.

  • I got here bc they were at 666k views 🤦‍♀️

  • xD

  • I had the very, very unfortunate luck of having a drink the moment Link said "I'll give you a little pleasure when this is done"

  • I will say I think those vibrating shoes would be an awesome thing for deaf people, it lets them enjoy music

  • I feel really awkward right now

  • I'm so happy you played my song 😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂