Choose The Wrong Answer, Eat The Nasty Food (Game)

Birt 3 nóv 2020
Today, we're seeing if we can guess how the Mythical Beasts answered these ethical dilemmas. GMM

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  • What's the point of putting the glasses on? I wouldn't.

  • D.C. ain't a state my guy

  • It is amazing that 2/3 chose to not put the magic glasses. If you don't put the glasses on, the crimes happen anyway and id you put the glasses on, you can stop at least one. Even if you see the crime you can't stop at night, you can pat yourself on their back and say "it is going to happen anyway but i managed to prevent one"

  • That ain’t peach cobbler

  • i got them all right

  • The man

  • positivity

  • Says the man with the glasses on.

  • Yeah giving my family the experience of clone me would be a punishment 😂

  • Why is no one talking about link saying let’s just throw the kid over just chuck em

  • 6:07 i Totally agree with Link. Those dreams can have crimes involving torture, dismemberment, beheadings, and even cannibalism. I think my sanity would be lost if i dreamed those things..

  • I was with you every time Rhett😂 always a hero

  • 10:10 I say to push the women over because the kid is just a kid what if he grows up to do something great and the only thing the women can do is steer it while the kid and the man will potentially do something great

  • The twitter comments were indeed hilarious... good video.

  • The woman can't pilot the balloon of its messed up so she should jump

  • The magic glasses gave me a spider man feeling

  • With the first question clone or not to clone I would choose to not clone because I dont know if I can trust the aliens and if the clone will be good or not.

  • Wow this is the shortest title of a bit ever...

  • love it

  • If you dream about the crime you can't stop you can still identify the people, place and report the person and crime and slowly but surely rid the planet of criminals.

  • I cant believe many people choose to not put on the glasses. Rhett is obviously the better person - morally.

  • What message did Rhett's children take from this episode?

  • A couple of biden voters won't stop me from liking this vid

  • No one hates that peach like folks from Gaffney

  • wait, link can't smell? *IM NOT THE ONLY ONE?*

  • The super powerful elf that turn your best bud into a psycho Can you get some time to prepare and yeet yo buddy into a solitary psycho-ward

  • If you put on the glasses even if you can’t help the people you dream about at night but you are witnessing the crime so you could find the person who did it and get justice

  • 2:20 why couldn’t the aliens just use the clone for their home planet? if it’s like me in every way, then i’d rather have that

  • I’d put the glasses on

  • How has your day been🧸 Btw ur beautiful💖💎✨

  • Magic glasses? Just join the police OR amry? And don't dream fd up

  • Round 3 I have no friends

  • So, the aliens, you're saying I'll NEVER see my family again? Wooohooooooo! 👽lesgo!!

  • I need Links shirt.

  • im punting that kid sooo far

  • This is like the poison wine in The Princess Bride. “So I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me”

  • I don’t have friends so making my best friend into a psychopath doesn’t do much.

  • Yeah I'm betting everyone who voted biden is regretting it

  • It's bold of you to assume my best friend isn't already a psychopath. Lol

  • Ohio

  • My friend already is a psychopath so that’s easy

  • i wish i had rhetts enthusiasm about politics.

  • I dont have time to stop one crime a day tf

  • The last one definitely has to be the kid, cause the man will save millions of people including kids.

  • 8:14 what if you don't have a best friend.... exactly? Would that count? Lol

  • if i turn the person psychopath can he be sephiroth?

  • something to note is that moral dilemmas are relative, time sensitive, and also situational.

  • Rhett and link were actively supporting voter fraud. How can you register, be confirmed, and vote all in one day. Talk about an insurrection.

  • So why couldn’t the aliens just take the clone they made of you instead?🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Thank you ISmem for fast-forward.

  • I live in england

  • Would you make all Pshycos good in the expense of making your bestie a Psycho? Me who doesn't have a bestie : "This question is beneath me"

  • The people who voted are really selfish.

  • 7:25 i lucid dream every day. i will not give away my ability to be happy every night just because i need to save some "people" not even in a million years

  • ill push the kid

  • I wish they said what they did to the food to make it not good

  • I would turn my best friend into a psychopath because i don't have a best friend

  • Hopefully you all voted Biden

  • 11:41 Rhett is not a Phsycopath

  • im with you buddy!! ID PUT THE GLASSES ON!!

  • Thank you for pronouncing Nevada correctly lol

  • “Let’s just push the kid over” 😂😂 greatest words of all time lol

  • I would venture to guess that Rhett's best friend is already a psychopath

  • Hi Adam from Toledo Ohio I am free to hangout this weekend if Adam from Toledo Ohio sees this I’m just letting you know that I’m free to hangout this weekend ok Adam from Toledo Ohio

    • Also I’m like 2 hours from Toledo lmao sup 👀

  • Such deep, poignant philosophical discussions in such an absurd context. Delightful!

  • I now have to try a cheese curd

  • Love rewatching these but will always wonder what bitter thing was in that curd

  • I'm confused why Link's hotdog was sour and gross when the majority picked to not turn their best friend into a psychopath???? Shouldn't Rhett's hotdog have been sour?

  • 7:25 easy, my best friend is already a psychopath

  • “Let’s just push the kid over”

  • I would never choose the clone option in the first dilemma, if I'm never gonna see my family again they're gonna mourn me darn it XD

  • He forgot Nebraska

  • Literally the balloon is falling it cant be flown

  • Dude squatting 405 easy.

  • This is so funny, I have nightmares, lucid dreams, and astral projection all the time. Give me the glasses!

  • Toss the woman: the balloon is already going down and doesnt need a pilot AND the premise already stated that 2 would survive.. thus the woman is irrelevant to this scenario but thats just logic..

  • Rhett and Links children watching this: BI*CH WHAT THE FU

  • 13:10 people 400 years ago

  • Missed opportunity to say "Morals in our molars" but that one was good too.

  • To be honest I would just trick the aliens and switch places with the clone so the clone goes with the aliens and I would stay on earth And for the glasses sure you wouldn't be able to stop the crime in the dream but you'd be able to identify who did it and help the police put them behind bars

  • If the elf gives empathy to all sycophantic people then your best friend would be one of them due to the fact the said that he has to do it before the transition

  • If you remember the crime cant you identify the people doing it and solve the crime so you are stopping one and solving another

  • Dairy is the best thing ever

  • But what if that best friend you turned into a psychopath is your significant other, the one you'd created a life with? Would you keep your decision or change it to leave best friend alone?

  • Rhett gave me a princess bride vibe on the last one. Where is the poison?

  • Rhett forgot that humanity is inherently selfish. Also, I don’t dream so, I would be fine wearing those glasses.


  • I would never put the glasses on

  • I've watched The Good Place so @ me

  • ngl Rhett got on my nerves a bit this time

    • a month later and this video still makes me wanna punch him

  • Dosiwowoksksksosakskwkwkwkwkwkwkkwwk

  • For question 2 you cannot stop the crime from happening but you know who did it

  • I love how nobody realized they said all the city’s in A B C orfer

  • It is all ready going down so you don’t need to pilot it the woman should jump if that’s all she is doing

  • For the Third Question: What if You Don't have any Friends? 😭

  • For the psychopath one it just get rid of a psychopath and make a psychopath or keep a psychopath and keep your friend

  • WHAT WERE THE BAD FOODS? Could have explained it.

  • Who's binge watching episodes before they come back? So it's just me? You assholes in the comments section know you read them. you just dont want to reply

  • The first question about the clone or not to clone is making me think... about like my family are they real... bro that scares me STOP

  • Represent from Ohio!!