Discontinued Snacks Taste Test

Birt 12 maí 2021
Today, we're taste testin' some discontinued snacks. GMM # 1957

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  • man i loved orbitz, I wish it would come back

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  • 16:24 O.o chill

  • is it just me or isn't there a difference between "discontinued" and "limited edition"? like, all limited edition things are discontinued because that's what they're designed for, a specific movie or event may produce tons of snacks just for that 2-3 months the thing is actually happening

  • 13:26 well, your wish has been granted by Kevin Smith & Netflix.

  • Boggs Twitter @chickenman3010

  • I remember Orbitz. What an amazing drink. Maybe not the pineapple flavor, but some of the others were really good. My parents were beyond appalled when I asked them to buy me some.

  • meanwhile steveMRE1989 eats all of the mre meals from ww2😂

  • I used to drink so many of the orbits drinks. They were so good.

  • Because they say (Rhett.exe has stopped working)

  • ghost twinkie

  • I miss Orbitz so much. I only had it a few times as a kid but they were magical to me.

  • 2:09 he really went smart on us

  • I thought it was dorito soda😭😭

  • you can see how much link wanna be rhett lmao. look at the top of his head

  • I still say that recreating the snack as how it should be back then to accurately decide whether they should return would be nice to see. This is aight but idk. Something doesn't sit right with me.

  • I tasted the green twinkie and thought that the green was mint flavoured

  • What do you do with the wrappers after you're done?

  • Darn, I liked those twinkies lol

  • Wow! I clicked on this video after not watching them in YEARS! It's interesting how it has changed and how they have changed! 😂

  • Don't call it taste test if you don't taste it

  • Damn, you could get a Mountain Dew and a can of Doritos from the same machine

  • i think rhett was looking for “boggs-ish-ness”

  • 2:09 “Who you gonna call?...(cue the dad joke)...”Your gastroenterologist,...in a couple of days!” 😂

  • I got it guys "Orbitz" with a z its gotta be available

  • 9:12 Link..........

  • Lmao good one Rhett 11:22

  • Oh man I forgot about Orbitz it was so gross 😝 because they were slimy

  • If anyone thought they were getting a dorito cheese drink they are the brightest crayon in the box 😆🤣

  • Hahaha. I still have 3 unopened bottles of Orbitz.

  • Who said we don’t want pcp

  • How do they not have diabeties yet

  • When Rhett said “what’s goin to go bad on a Twinkie” I immediately thought of zombie land when Tallahassee said “believe it or not twinkies have an expiration date.”

  • I wish they’d bring orbitz back!!! I loved that drink as a kid

  • 12:35. We just need an hour of this rant. Maybe Bogsy ?

  • Okay so, I had a weird dream last night. *story time* "I walked into my local shops and saw a gaderade bottle with Link and Rhett, it was on the top self. It must of been there for years, not only was it dusty but the expiration date was 23 December 2015! I wanted to buy it as a collectors item but didn't. " then I woke up. Honestly it was weird.

  • I'd rather have chips in a can than nacho flavoured soda...


  • Boggsishness the flavor of the post-apocalypse

  • I loved Orbitz!!!!

  • Store in a cool dry place...for decades and decades

  • can someone explain me what boggs smells like, like who have smelt an old snack 20+ years ago. I don't understand, like is it sour smelling, smoky, spoiledy, musty, musky or moldy?

  • Orbits were the flippin JAM!!

  • Taste it garth!!

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  • Not sure that anything which is decades old, with the required preservatives to keep it edible, is something you'd want to eat at any stage of its life.

  • Oreo caksters we’re my favorite thing ever and they need to come back

  • Go Pack 🐺

  • i hope your stomach is not turning into mold.

  • The pringles horseradish chips are do a redo

  • I want to do a show with u guys

  • Call it Bobitz. Duh.

  • Bring orbits back



  • Masters of The Universe Was The Gayest Show Ever

  • He Man Candy bar looked so cool never seen those before...

  • NOPE. Orbitz was gross. It felt like you had boogers in your drink.

  • I LOVE Link's Skeletor impressions

  • I hope pop rocks sees this

  • Love the videos

  • NCSU Grad here.... keep up the Gastrointestinal abuse Boys! Quite entertaining GO PACK!!

  • Are they smelling may great grandpa

  • If something smells bad it's just a boggs

  • The whole Wade Boggs thing is the funniest bit on this show 😂😂😂

  • You all need to do a discontinued snack episode with LA Beast

  • I had an idea for you all. With these taste tests you should taste the original, but you should also have the mythical kitchen recreate it as well so you know what it might’ve tasted like when it was fresh. That way you know instead of guessing what it might’ve tasted like before it went bad.

  • This literally cures my depression

  • "It's turnt y'all" - Link

  • That Doritos in a can is an awesome idea

  • Bro I'm bout to buy all that space dust just for the pack art

  • LA Beast drank the Orbitz! Come on guys!

  • What was the point of opening the Orbitz if they weren't going to try it

    • EXACTLY , Plus they trusted a wrapped candy bar more than a Sealed drink

  • Here's a discontinued snack. Kellogg's Yogo Bites!

  • wait ,,, they’ve already done the orbitz drink tho ? like ? years ago ? in a similar video ?

  • They should try remaking these in the mythical kitchen so as to rhett and link can have a way to actually say if these should be brought back

    • Except there is no way to know how they are supposed to taste.

  • I keep watching these discontinued videos and Im thoroughly convinced that Link wouldnt survive the apocalypse LOL

  • CAN YOU GUYS PLEASEEEEEE TRY YOGO's! they were my favorite fruit snack back in theearly 00's

  • anyone else’s science teacher have an expired bottle of orbitz on their desk?

    • Nope. Why would you even ask?

  • I would be really interested in Doritos bringing back the cans! Especially if they Doritos accepted them back for reusing and recycling. I just really don't appreciate that you can't recycle chip bags.

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  • mythical kitchen = dogshit

  • Boggs is secretly the smell of botulism

  • I want Orbitz back was one of my fav 90s drinks

  • This series should be renamed to Wade Boggs Taste Test

  • Rhett, the word you were looking for was “Boggs-ish-ness”

  • Good job ✔️ Respect ✔️ ☀️❤️☺️✌️

  • You are both playing with fire Dr. Jekylls

  • Oreo cookie barz

  • The alleged sushi notablely overflow because insulation grossly reject midst a doubtful tsunami. teeny-tiny, zippy window

  • orbitz drink is pretty cool

  • Boggs-ishness.

  • Already got Mountain Dew flavored Doritos so why not lol

  • # Mythical kitchen Doritos flavored soda should totally happen

  • Expired discontinued snacks

  • I believe the Skeletor catchphrase you were looking for is "Myaaa!"

  • As entertaining as this game is, most of these snacks don't have a fair shot, cuz you're not tasting them when they taste like they're supposed to taste

  • Nice Joker hair, Link

  • “Who else is gonna do this?” .. well, I know a beast from LA that would.. lol