Do These Foods Give You Nightmares?

Birt 20 maí 2021
Today, we're playing the pick n' putt mini-golf game NIGHTMARE EDITION!! GMM # 1963

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  • I ate popcorn before bed and hade a nightmare last night

  • So proud of you Link =')

  • We aren’t bragging about not dreaming…wear complaining. And we know “we don’t remember” WE WANT TO

  • What shoes is link wearing?

  • I had an interesting dream recently with a younger Keanu Reeves..

  • im just watching this episode now, they need to put minigolf game in the title

  • Link im impressed.

  • I missed this because im used to it being whats the most expensive thing at this store.

  • too many lost teeth

  • Sweets before bed give me nightmares

  • 10:20 Rhett just encouraging whatever takes Link the longest time while that popcorn is there :D

  • i have been chased by a beaver for about 500 feet it was terrifying those suckers are fast

  • I watched this just after having a nightmare of being attacked by a croc

  • Did he just say gape?🤣🤣

  • I was trying to find all the putting episodes and didn't see this one. Someone should recategorize it. Just happened upon this by chance.

  • Has Link ever won this game? Pretty sure he has not.

  • Can’t wait to fall in my dream tonight 👍

  • Rhett has won this game EVERY time, and is trying to bargain his way into a win... 🤣🤣

  • Oh by the way to refer to your first episode on the podcast in England it's basically like biscuits with chocolate are cookies and without are just biscuits if that makes any sense.

  • Good mythical morning guys haven't watched you in a while

  • crew members like among us

  • The Freddie arm was insanely well made

  • I really appreciated Rhetts offer to come sleep with them 😂

  • I reeeeeally wanted Link to scream everytime someone said nightmare 😅😅😅😭

  • my mom also has that same kind of dream!

  • Moose dreams 😂😂

  • Cranberrie juice before bed is legitimate nightmare juice

  • How is the first answer NOT falling? A nightmare about falling is pretty much the only nightmare I can remember

  • Can't stop thinking about natural "diasters", just had to see if anyone else saw it 😅

  • Winner: *Link* Point counter: Let me rearrange that..16:16

  • The ambiguous flare overwhelmingly knock because elephant distinctively arrange about a rotten retailer. boundless, curly alto

  • Why haven't they lined the jacket with fleece or something yet?

  • Awwwww! Link finally won! I'm so proud!

  • Mini golf props then: Pyramid of big gulp cups that they just went around. Mini golf props now: Puppeteer able, detailed Freddy Krueger made of card board.

  • i knew the answer was dracula before the question was even asked beacause of forgetting sarah marshal

  • What if Rhett purposefully lost so Link could win for once? 😂

  • Oh damn I knew the Jason Segal one!!! There is all kinds of Dracula references in he writes a whole play about it. Damn I kept thinking no Rhet go for Dracula you can win! Those other answers were so random.

  • Well the streak was nice while it lasted😩😩😩

  • IS it just me or in that jacket does Link look like Dana Carvey in the master of disguise when he went into the turtle club

  • i was really routing for rhett to win all of these ☹️

  • What a missed opportunity to show that this was just Rhett's nightmare all along!

  • Congratulations winner, I don't want to spoil it in the comments, but congrats. Nonetheless

  • That laugh at 6:02 XD

  • so happy for link lmfaooo good for him.

  • finally a W for the linkster!!

  • This is definitely my favorite game

  • Wade boggs is the real nightmare

  • Link better enjoy that Jacket before they play this game again 😅

  • "well i'm not a french canadian woman..." "thanks for clearing that up" Lol's

  • Yessssssss link won!!!!!! Let’s goooooo I’m happy for him man

  • Me: Laughs in lucid dreamer. Also me: Oh heck, I can't control this dream because something occurred that made my body angry and I can't do anything about it because I'm asleep.

  • When you watch the IG story before the video...

  • I was so stoked when they got to the jason segal question and I was like GUYS FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL. DRACULA. COME ON. and then she said it 😂

  • Surly cake don't give you nightmares. That's the one thing at every kids birthday party

  • Did one of the answer flags say "Natural Diaster"? ^^

  • I actually don't dream at all, im usually too drugged up with sleeping pills to experience REM sleep cycle

  • So that's where Stevie's hat went..

  • Not sure if it’s the hair but link is giving me Albert Einstein vibes

  • When he said, "It's a dream come true" I did lol.

  • "NO im definitely not doing THAT" lmfaooooo link

  • i love these games

  • I’m loving how Link is actually winning games these days!

  • So happy link finally won the green jacket!

  • stop copying me

  • Sooo much ¨symbolism¨ in such an innocent.. show! In each every episode. haha! great!

  • The swapped scores had me confused more times than I'll admit

  • Rhett thinking Jason is a lot older than he actually is, when he was born in 1980.

  • Chase with horns 😍


  • guys freddy kruegar isn't public domain I don't know if you can use his likeness

  • Interesting for no reason 😂

  • I Saw you guys try the Jim Bakker apocalypse 25 years shelf life food taste test which obviously you guys were underwelmed with. However I have found another 25 years shelf life survival food from (4 Patriots) which is much much better I can't even compare the two. I think it would be an amazing episode for you guys to try as well as compare to Jim Bakkers line.

  • YES LINK!!!! Yeeeeessss 🙌🏽

  • Yah!! Link finally won the jacket thingy, 🙂

  • That first one definitely belongs in Halloween Horror Night Awesome Job Mythical Team.... 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽

  • Oh my god Link finally won at this game. Lol and they completely messed up the scores the whole time 😂

  • Am I not turtley enought for your turtle club?

  • Some people actually can't dream. It's some kind of disorder.

  • You know what, I’ll say it😌I’m happy for link. Good job 👍

  • For a second I thought this was gonna be the first time I’ve ever watched a gmm episode right when it was uploaded. But no, I got a notification 6 minutes ago for a video from 3 days ago

  • I've waited my whole life so see Link win at mini golf!!!

  • That Freddy was amazing! Also, it would be fun to see Rhett and Link do a vlog where they eat food that are meant to give you nightmares and document the process of what happens.

  • The profuse art literally reign because dorothy technically choke till a foregoing plantation. bitter, short picture

  • I miss those dance episodes and aso the shelf which we leave things on

  • This is crazy A few days after watching this video I had a dream of falling and when I hit the ground I lost my teeth😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Link looking good in the green

  • no rain on a car roof is for me

  • I had a nightmare once after eating popcorn. I then later realized that it was because of the horror movie I watched in the theatre while eating popcorn.

  • Grats Link! Proud of you!

  • Can you do an episode on the mythical census results pretty please

  • Four lokos give me nightmares

  • Natural Diasters? Lol oops

  • I once had a nightmare that aliens invaded earth and randomly started peeing on couches and destroying things. I ended up somehow saving the planet and everyone by giving the aliens toaster strudel. I kept toaster strudel in my freezer at all times for years after that dream just in case..

  • Why don’t you advertise what games you are playing? I don’t want to miss any put put!!

  • Way to go Link!!!! I'm so proud of you

  • anyone else think Rhett went easy on Link?

  • Chase standing next to Rhett and Link really puts into perspective how tall they are 😳

  • Yessss link finally

  • Link will not give up his cuffed jeans 😂