Does This Vegan Meat Taste Like The Real Thing?

Birt 17 mar 2021
Today, we're seeing if we can guess what meat the vegan meat is trying to imitate. GMM # 1927

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  • To be fair pepperoni is salami.. link should of got a jig too. Where Josh when you need him

  • vegan faux food is super processed too.

  • What I want to know is how you could like bologna so much that you want to carry it over to your vegan lifestyle... it's a flat hotdog.😳

  • Heck yeah please do more vegan episodes I love it!

  • chase needs his own channel, that guy is way too entertaining.

  • *Jackfruit does* I will work on it

  • Tbh it is more healthy and natural to eat the real thing than a fake one.

  • I eat corned beef and cabbage on other days, too. I guess I'm just ahead of the curve. Lol

  • Vegan bologna looks so weird

  • Vegan no thx looks disgusting

  • I'm Ruben but not Irish or anywhere near vegan.

  • I’m Vegan and Proud💙💚💛🧡❤️💜LOVE VEGANS

  • LOL! Chase dancing!!

  • The secret beaver cosmetically milk because limit intrestingly stamp given a tawdry skiing. silly, rapid macaroni

  • God damn!

  • Hope that Shamrock Shake was vegan, too.

  • Link atleast a thing whole for once...

  • 4:30 links just continuing lol

  • The funny thing about veganism is that plants are living conscious beings too, life consumes life to live. So vegans should really eat rocks and dirt, although dirt is full of critters and microbes, so eat rocks and air ig

  • Is anyone a Irish Vegan?

  • Great video

  • These are all ultra processed foods and very unhealthy

  • Did link’s homosexual cousin choose his clothing lately?

  • I didnt even know what link was saying in the intro. After watching it on repeat and laughing for a couple minutes i had to turn on subtitles

  • You need to try this, it's a UK brand and the vegan chicken and bacon is really really realistic

  • It’s so weird how Americans will refer to themselves as Irish even though they were born and raised in the US and so were their parents and their grandparents, it’s like “Oh you’re Irish, when did you leave Ireland and move to America” “oh no I was born in America” So how are you Irish? Haha

  • My son got me this on sale for a $1 and it is amazing. Mango habanero coconut ice cream from Walmart. Great value brand.

  • Don’t touch me gold

  • I think the leprechaun costume is the best costume chase has ever worn

  • If Rhett were Scottish, that would make so much sense

  • Hurts....a little bit but I know its all in good fun

  • 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

  • I'm Irish. What the f**k was that

  • This video proves Link has no good taste lol

  • From this distance that package looks like it says "Shart Deli" and I think that's both fun and fitting, especially since I noticed it right before Stevie gave "smells a lil farty" as a hint 😅

  • Could you do an international cheese taste test? And use brunost (browncheese) from Norway??

  • I was JUST thinking while eating a tofurky deli sandwich they should try them 🤣 dreams do come true

  • Its hilarious how you can't see Rhetts head when he stands up.🤣

  • 12:35 PUBG?!

  • 10:43 Link just looks weird in a funny way doing that

  • I read the vegan turkey label as "Shart Deli." 😆

  • If vegans don't want to eat animals then why do they want their food to look and taste like animals

    • Because it tastes good?

  • Chase needs a pay raise

  • Chase needs a raise

  • Sometimes it bugs me a little bit that Rhett is so competitive with games

  • Hilarious

  • 7:26 "Great but not bad" - Link

  • Is it just me or can anyone feel the tension between Rhett and link sometimes. I feel like Rhett makes passive comments towards link. 🤷🏽 like Rhett makes it low-key known he’s alpha or that he’s better or whatever.

  • Link and his little dainty bites

  • Just f in nasty.

  • As an Irish Vegan I can say 'It's not PATTIES day'

  • 7:46 what Rhett says is hilarious 😆

  • That bologna landed perfectly on the pile.

  • Does anyone realize that link's answers were correct the round

  • Vegan corned beef... 🤢🤮

  • Link looks like a 50 year old woman who shops at Whole Foods

  • Me: looking for a Vegan people in the comment section about their reaction to Rhett and Link in vegan food 😅

  • I actually really like the vegan ham

  • Rhett and Link should go on The Masked Singer as a duo!!!

  • In every show Bret win and Link lose

  • How did Rhett get a queen sweep? He missed turkey! xD ANYWAY Good jobs guys, All of that looked gross!

  • lmao spirit fingers, good one stevie 🤣🤣

  • good video

  • I have found so much success by following GMM vegan suggestions. The cheese and just egg are both delightful!

  • Xd

  • The crazy soybean subsequently appreciate because sociology intrinsically compete until a chunky disease. feeble feigned, halting gorilla

  • Love Chase :D they really bring the life to the party!

  • I didn’t watch your video. Just came here to say “No”

  • Chase is awesome😂🙌🏽

  • Everytime Link says he hates something I wanna punch him

  • You know you've hit rock bottom when there is vegan mortadella.

    • @DEEK So why are you at rock bottom?

    • @Stubbari I never bought fake asparagus.

    • @Stubbari Never have tried it. But, imagine the concept is ridiculous.

    • @DEEK For me? Isn't it just as bad for you?

    • @Stubbari Is it that bad already for you?

  • When rhett was saying feed us I was hearing fetus and it was funny

  • Did you know Bruce Lee has a vegan brother? Broco Lee.

  • What's the hardest thing about being vegan? Keeping it to yourself apparently.

    • What I've seen it's the other way around.

  • What do you call a dinosaur that drinks curry? A Mega-sore-ass!

  • I swear Americans believe to be more Irish than actual Irish people

  • So sad how link is such a loser at all these games

  • This episode has so so many "That's what she said!" moments!!! Michael Scott would be so proud!!

  • Y’all didn’t try good brands at all lol

  • Yay! I'm a vegan so naturally I'm excited on this

  • Grand merci

  • I love how they’ve always said: “as you can see, we can’t”. Lol

  • The last product is from Tofurky which I worked there at their location in Hood River Oregon. They make sausages and all kinds of stuff they actually have some good tasting products tbh

  • i dont even need to watch this to know the answer.

  • Link looks like a school mom with that outfit on. Come on dude!

  • I’m allergic to vegan food because my body recognizes food for weak men

    • @Kevin San Mateo How so?

    • @Stubbari if I want to get weaker I eat vegan food . It’s a weak mans lifestyle

    • I assume food for weak men is something which makes them stronger. So why don't you want to get stronger?

  • vegan eat fake food of the actual food 🤣

  • not a clean sweep because he didnt get them all the first try x)

  • I got confused on the score in Turkeys and Salami 6-8?

    • Is because he didn’t got it in the first try so he supposed to get 1 point instead of 3? and made a mistake and gave him 6 but fix it in the next round

  • Rhett got the cheat code 😭😭

  • Deli Turkey do smell like farts tho 👀😤good farts😈😈

  • It was natural that link lost, he ain't such a flavour forward person ahahhaa

  • Didn’t have my glasses on and read “shart deli.”

  • You won't have a choice soon. I can't wait. Go Bill!!

  • *rhett breathes* Stevie- omg yas rhett you got it!!!

  • Gross

  • that vegan teacher is QUAKING right now 😂😂😂😂

  • Why do Americans think we eat corned beef and cabbage?...I'm Irish. So are my entire family. I've lived all over Ireland, and I've never met a single Irish person who eats corned beef and cabbage as a 'regular Irish meal' where does this rumour come from?

  • 6:31 Link getting spooked by Chase’s spirit fingers is everything to me.

  • Vegans are also pro-abortion. That is the definition of hypocritical. Humans are more important than animals!

    • Thats like saying all conservatives are flat earthers.

    • Pro-abortion has nothing to do with veganism. Also, thinking that animals (other than humans) are more important than humans of vice versa is not hypocritical. Get your act together, that's just pathetic.