Fancy Junk Food Taste Test

Birt 18 feb 2021
Today, we're eating fancified versions of junk food and seeing if we like them better than the original. GMM # 1908

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  • 11:03 link is just straight up sceaming

  • Umm the Uncrustables PB&J is better frozen! 🤤

  • i once got a crust on my uncrustable

  • highfalutin. let’s talk about that...

  • Lmaoo! Pinocchio cheezits! I'm dying.. 🤣🤣🤣

  • they could have just made fancier versions and not put stuff that tastes bad.

  • Link's arms.. so buffed.. how..

  • "It's vanilla you say?" 😂

  • Instead of caviar for the uncrustables maybe some molecular gastronomy magic and jam flavored fake caviar and some higher end peanut butter?

  • This episode link looks like a crackhead

  • "This lemon-vanilla-fish taco isn't half bad." "It contains none of those things."

  • I'm focusing on the fancy. Link is everything.

  • I guess you can say that that paté, deLIVERed a fancy taste 🥴

  • As a Spaniard, I am HIGHLY concerned about what kind of paellas Rhett has been eating.

  • ARE WE NOT GOING TO TALK ABOUT LINK'S SHIRT ~~ Leaves on the vine ~ falling so slow~~iykyk

  • I ated it, I didnt hated it.

  • We need some new REPLACEMENT TASTE TESTER ,sorry man !

  • Rhett, you don't put chorizo in a paella! Here in Spain this is criminal

  • Did this man just say he was stroking his fish before he came too work 💀

  • riettes de canard are the best!

  • When you move to California and say "for every man" and have to frantically say other words like woman and person ... sad world :/

  • I feel like there was a missed opportunity with the fancy ravioli to use wagyu.

  • The rapid granddaughter phytochemically doubt because bandana bailly serve forenenst a uninterested period. tame, null porcupine

  • It doesn’t seem like people understand and how to make the flavors closely relatable when making processed foods fancier versions. They just throw stuff in that’s supposed to be expensive and it’s always the typical expensive ingredients, like caviar saffron and truffles. There’s never a direct comparison to exact flavors with fancier ingredients.

  • Possibly writers problem.

  • You should try “persian ice cream” which actually has saffron and pieces of cream in it. 😋

  • bro at 10:20 they went full southern

  • The duck liver ravioli reminded me of Beef Stroganoff (just looking at it) I’d would try 🙂

  • In India the Saffron Pistachio combo is considered as a royal dessert flavor (Kesar Pista) and honestly I don't know if my taste buds are damaged from all these years of enjoying it, but I like it a lot.

  • Rhett and link ARE two kids in a trench coat

  • Lol Josh, dont ever doubt Rhett when it comes to Food. That boy can put it away haha.

  • 7:50 11:58 (12:52) 14:14

  • Hmm a fishy taco eh. U think he knew what he was doing there hahaa

  • "I'm focusing on the fancy!" lmao

  • Link reminds me of a kid that you rode bikes with and had a slingshot like Dennis the menace but when he grew up he never changed AT ALL, including his looks.. lol

  • I don’t know bout that parm

  • i love saltines w/ goose liver and cheese

  • I enjoy chicken fried liver

  • me: offers rhett some cheezits “would you like parmesan with that?” me: absolutely dies and is unable to can, while rhett is just confused before remembering

  • Josh’ll make a great dad one day. He supported Link like a champ.

  • It’s vanilla you say?

  • Where did you get Josh from?

  • I thought Rhett kryptonite was liver

  • 👍

  • “I shouldn’t have looked first but I did.” Lol. Throws up right as Rex comments. Lol. “I hated it! “ Oh my God I’m laughing so hard. His expressions are hilarious.

  • Rhett really looks like a stereotypical truck driver. I think it's the hair that does it for me.

  • Rhet and Link were being extra funny on this one

  • 4:27 link trying to pronounce the Italian word 4:32 Josh Pronounce the word correctly 4:34 Link try’s again but he’s just babbling and not trying to pronounce the actual word

  • Choco tacos are actually B U S S I N

  • Rhett deffo hates link

  • "You been in the bate store" -Rhett I AM ROLLING ON THE FLOOR😂🤣🤣

  • Link sounded like the tear oh the peanuts 🤣

  • wow rhett looks really attractive like that

  • Smothered liver is GROSS

  • I wonder if Link is just a super taster... That would explain a lot

  • was the two kids in a trench coat a little rascals reference?

  • Liver cheese/goose liver is so good. Spread it on a cracker and you got a meal

  • Should have given them Saffron Persian Ice Cream for the Saffron dish. What they got was close, but probably not as good.

  • Rhett be reminding of Silent Bob Lol (Not a bad thing, Silent Bob is great)

  • Sometimes you have an accident and you’re happy about it lol I love these two

  • Lol Link farts at 11:04 and no one says anything.

  • I love that there's still a country boy deep down in link lol

  • Ive never seen a choco taco irl

  • I'm an average Joe

  • Rhett saying "That's funny" after hearing his own joke is so in character for him

  • Link has the taste buds of 2yo, haha.

  • Ooo eating fancey foods in trucker hats 👀😁

  • i wish link still wore is geeky shirts

  • I think the Saffron Choco Taco would work well in India. My Mom loves them but I cannot have them because I'm allergic to peanuts. Also an expensive idea, a Ruby Chocolate Klondike Bar with Dark Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream inside with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Carmel.

  • Please make a junky fancy food taste test where you recreate fancy foods with affordable ingredients so we can make them at home. :)

  • There’s a Rouse in So-Cal!?!?

  • I'm here for the chocotaco. I need it now. NOW

  • i feel like the ravoli would have been a better comparison if they made the fancy one with wagu beef mince and Bianco DiNapoli tomatoes!

  • Rhett is starting to look alot like Grizzle Adams,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Liver pate? try the danish liver pate which you smear it on bread it is SO good.. especially with a strip of bacon on it.

  • Rhett laughing at himself was actually hella funny

  • 1:08 Ozzy Man on the left

  • man the Duck liver pate pasta looks sad. like ex-husband living in a seedy motel microwave food sad.

  • The easy undershirt univariately reject because dinner revealingly tremble without a two jump. billowy, absent cart

  • The average joe's🤣🤣 Coooome and get it🤣 Tasted like i got something stuck in the pool filter🤣🤣

  • Man link you're something else bro LOL mentally something else lol

  • always

  • 0:00 Pixar when Winner eats Lollipop .


  • Started crying laughing when Link said "A man can taste fish" 😂😂

  • Galvanized steel, enjoy your poison chicken

  • you lost me with putting caviar in the uncrustables.. if youre gonnna do this test it should be the fanciest nut butter and jam not caviar... you perverted the test at that point anyone can buy expensive stuff and throw it in/on something. I VOTE REDO - my husband

  • If you have an Indian spice shop in your area, you have definitely had the pleasure of trying saffron ice cream yuuuuuum... If not try it. One of my favorites is actually cardamom ice cream. ☺

  • Just a heads up I’m pretty sure links allergic to saffron

  • gamer

  • the ice cream saffron one literally exists in Persia with pistachio

  • The wise shrimp nouzilly close because history postprandially concern on a sore apparel. daily, daffy spike

  • I want a choco tack but instead of ice cream and chocolate I want Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

  • I needed this laugh!!

  • The caviar is a no for u cause u don't like caviar. Lol

  • Yea fried chicken livers and gizzards are good just put some Texas Pete on it :)

  • Rhett reminds me a little of Roland Schitt with that hat on

  • ...fishy taco...

  • liver tatties and onions is also very popular in scotland, i love it

  • Liver fried with onions #1