How Are These Movies Not Rated R?

Birt 27 maí 2021
Today, Link is trying to answer questions about movie ratings despite the fact that he has only seen like 3 of them. GMM # 1968

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  • I was watching my sibilings play mortal combat at 6

  • Oh it's ACTUALLY Stevie and not Chase in a Stevie wig!

  • Stevie really should be a narrator for audiobooks


  • 365 days 😂

  • Stevie girl ya fine

  • rhette would lose that nasty beard Bunning his nasty hair

  • What's in box what's in the box

  • Day 147 of asking Rhett and Link to play among us

  • They should put a dollar in the box one time.

  • If y’all have a tour come to OKC, OK

  • I have a crush on Stevie

  • I had never seen Stevie didn’t know she is so pretty


  • Wish Stevie was in more videos. 🤘😆🤘

  • "There could be a full head in here" ..So Link is saying he wants head?

  • Can you guys do an episode where the mythical kitchen follows recipes online of popular sauces (like canes sauce, Wingstop ranch, Casaole green sauce, etc.) and do a blind taste test to try and guess what was the real sauce and what was the recreated one?

  • Mark really wont let anyone escape his podcast

  • Stevie a baddie

  • saw the hunchback of Notredam when I was 10 and LEGIT think it should be R-rated

  • Kali Maaaaaa!!!!

  • Every time Stevie is on the screen I constantly search for a wedding/engagement ring

  • I think the line Link was looking for is a repetition of "Om Namah Shivaya".

  • MPAA? Nah it’s the court of owls.

  • I'm a simple man. I see Stevie, I press like.

  • *666,126 views* Oh wow😌😳

  • Bros, just go rehire your old crew.

  • I’ve missed this format of videos, I’m happy to see it back!

  • Rhett, since Mars is the god of war, maybe rethink your family tradition... Seriously, we're going on 20 years now. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Super cool they mentioned distractible! Im looking forward to seeing more from woodelf!

  • The rating system in the UK is better

  • I hope beetlejuice is on here

  • 4:21 very attractive face there, Rhett, very elongated.... bahahaha!

  • I’m so glad this is back

  • Let's talk about how video games with GAMBLING microtransactions are rated E for Everyone

  • I’m surprised “Boobyloobyloobies!” Didn’t make it into this episode 😂

  • that moment when you know the answer BEFORE they say the options. 12:41. THE MARTIAN.

  • Stevie's sigh 👌

  • I think youll find the XXX version of indiana jones is In Diana Jones And The Temple of Poon

  • Being British, I find the US rating system so weird! I thought R was an 18, but if something used to be a NC-17 (??) and went down to an R, then what's an R?

  • I been watching these guys show for 8 years now lol

  • I gotta jar of dirt i gotta jar of dirt

  • I watched jeepers creepers when I was 8 pretty traumatized but I still love it

  • NO WAY they just promoted my favorite gamer markiplier

  • Please promote tales from the stinky dragon!

  • Oh gosh distractable is everywhere.

  • I miss this game! So glad they brought it back!

  • I think Indiana Jones Temple of Doom should’ve been R. Especially in the 80s. That’s the only one in the series I still haven’t watched

  • You guys should do one on Biden's gaffes comparing them to statements made by mental patients and call it "Did Biden Really Say That, or Was It Just 3rd Floor Hospital Chit Chat?"

  • Link wins fatality

  • Stevie's eye contact with the camera 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • When Bruno cheats on you, you say FU Bruno Mars!

  • *just a reminder...realistically there are over a million words in the english language alone with 170,000 words in current/active use...most individuals use or know around 30,000 words...the words you use and the manner in which you articulate them does influence what others think about you and your personality regardless of the validity of that impression...profanity has never been a part of my life and being over the half century mark i see no need to rely on such crass and vulgar means of expression to convey my opinions...*

  • Kaali Maa Shakti De - Kaali Diety Grant me power

  • i love how there just dads now can we just appreciate that like talkin about movies somehow ended up on mac and cheese

  • Rhett makes a great gameshow host, his banter and lewdness is on point!

  • Day 4 of trying to summon Cotton Candy Randy back onto the show 😅

  • I had to see what the fuss was about on basic instinct, and honestly couldn't see her bits

  • why was Josh a clone of Sam Hyde?

  • "Kali ma!" There are actually several examples of PG and PG-13 films that have multiple f-bombs, as well as R-rated and even a few PG-13 films with full frontal nudity. Under The Skin from 2013 was rated R and showed fully exposed erections. The MPAA often doesn't follow its own arbitrary rules.

  • Can I have a episode where Stevie just tells us her hair routine because it's so Dang silky and shiny and I want to get my hair like that lol

  • oh mod god they know markiplier

  • coraline is scary af. if they made a real life version it would be rated R

  • Always makes an episode better when i see Stevie. ❤️

  • wow the amount of stevie in this one gave me a headache

  • I’ve missed this game so much

  • so is woodelf hiring??? :)

  • KALI MA!

  • Okay so I just had to Google America's rating system to understand what on earth was going on because in my country the highest rating is R. So when they kept saying that it was lessened to an R, I was very confused.

  • y’all gotta get Stevie a chair or something!! just got her standing back there lol

  • Stevie needs to peg me

  • Kali-Ma! Kali-Maaahhhhh!!!

  • Me when I watch good mythical morning at night: “stop you’ve violated the law”

  • More Stevie

  • The repulsive theater bilaterally damage because swimming angiographically file from a unnatural tower. cultured, robust geese

  • Pluto Nash is pg13 but I think it shouldve been

  • Kalima!!!

  • Jaws was rater PG

  • Classic GMM game! This made me happy.

  • I can't believe will it STROMBOLI hasn't happened yet. Day 9

  • I'm still shocked Beetlejuice is rated PG.

  • My parents saw basic instinct in theaters before they darkened the "focal point" and... they were taken aback, to say the least

  • How is no one talking about Titanic? they showed nudity despite the PG-13 rating.

  • Stevie is sooo cute x

  • hwo is Rhett and hwo is Link?

  • Rhett saying GMM was NC-17..... 100% BS.... there was always a desk infront of the 2 of them in the beginning

  • Always love the cross promotions 🖤 also distractible is really great to listen to. The three of them do a great job. Its always great to know that it’s not just you who has those strange conversations with your friends

  • I'm so happy they mentioned Mark's podcast

  • In the uk we have the rating 15, which is inbetween 12 (PG-13 in america) and 18. There are a good few films in the uk that are rated 15 but in america they are PG-13

  • I stand with Lilly on the subject of Mac & Cheese 🧀

  • Rhett can't read and link can't speak without a litttthhhhp

  • Good episode!

  • I swear Stevie so freaking cute and she just standing there

  • Great 👍

  • That ratings board are also huge bigots, if I remember correctly

  • These games were always my favorite. Super glad to see it come back!

  • Anyone know where I can obtain Link's shirt?

  • Anyone else think Stevie would look like Avril Lavigne if she wore eyeliner? Just me?

  • Love the suit Rhett. Very spiffy😃

  • Gremlins was also part of that whole PG-13 creation debacle!! If you haven’t seen Gremlins GO WATCH GREMLINS.