International Desserts Taste Test

Birt 24 maí 2021
Where in the world do these international desserts come from? GMM # 1965

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  • I am still waiting for y’all to do El Salvador!

  • A traditional desert we have in my country (not gonna say which one) is melomakarona and kurampiedes! Super tasty and we only eat and make them during christmas! Look it up for a future video 🎄

  • link lost by a full meter lmao

  • 7:17 links logic is completely the opposite 🤣

  • The shrill women chiefly close because sociology unexpectedly complain in a swanky peen. belligerent, condemned shock

  • How did Link not recognize the Rhett hat? He wears it all the time.

  • not link thinking that iceland is icy Dx

  • Bud your hats backward, very backwards

  • They flip flop almost as much as Fauci!

  • 2:44 - link: wha-hahahaha uhhdeEhhEHhehhehehweh wuh-keh kah-deh okay, you got a hat cam..

  • Rhett, you got some silver hair coming in there in your beard mister… a whole little patch?!?

  • "Oh! Look at me, I had a good guess! And I missed..."

  • Been binge watching international taste test these past few days and I'm done!



  • Seeing Rhett put on the hat while Link wasn't looking, I was waiting for Link to turn around and see his reaction 😂

  • Red and link you have to try rendang tok

  • I win Hershey squirts🤣🤣🤣

  • Wow, Link sure was whinnier than usual... me no likey

  • I would love more POV from Rhett and Links perspective. I also like to join in on the guessing. I wish we didn’t know in advance

  • Have worked started as dish then prep to Cook am61 started at 16, Cooking Florida NY City, Alaska Hawaii and Australia, And have never herd of or Sean that Hairy Dragon!

  • Link lost by exactly 100cm

  • Why rhett think if a cam is on your head you have to look at the floor?

  • can we have an entire video from rhett cam?

  • I never thought about the seating arrangements for all the people behind the camera, but seeing Josh just power posing made my whole day

  • You guys should do an international fanta flavor episode, there are so many and it would be fun to try and see you guess where they came from :3

  • I want rhetts shirt!

  • Hat is on backwards...LOL

  • It's India man

  • Iceland is not cold LOL

  • dessert: exist rhett and link: is this from argentina?

  • Why you guys never try Dominican Food? We need to see you guys eat Dominican food!!

  • Bring ltat back

  • Omg so many desserts I'd love to try!

  • You guys shouldn’t show the country until the end. I wanna guess too

  • If there’s another international dessert epidode you should do picarones from Peru!

  • I’m from Italy 🇮🇹 least so that’s a good dessert

  • Omg gaz! 😍

  • Dessert squirt? Is that what kids are calling it these days?

  • I want a shirt that says "im too big for cruises"

  • That hat be drip with that shirt tho 😂

  • It’s a week later, and Rhetts shirt still isn’t on mythical store!

    • I’m waiting for this shirt too!

  • Rich people problem no.3645 Being too tall for going on cruises

  • Is it me or is link extra grouchy today?

  • the desert from iran made me audibly say “damn that looks good” and now i really wanna try it (can nicole PLEASE post a recipe on mythical kitchen!!!)

  • Rhett: “I’m a large man” Chase: *Yeah, he just said that.*

  • I am so sad Rhetts shirt in this episode is no where to be found. I love it and was hoping to find it for my dad for Father’s Day. I really hope it comes to the mythical store at some point.

  • But they didn’t dink it☹️

  • is link intentionally matching his scores when each round? lol

  • My people, please do all the Gatorade flavors. Take me back to the days of Babe Ruth baseball in the dugout.

  • Yey, you have Ukraine on the map

  • very cool

  • Chase: **getting flashbacks**

  • Link giving bad vibes and Rhett not caring

  • Why is everyone standing behind the cameras? I always thought the whole crew was sitting cozily on a couch on their laptops. At least that’s how it seemed to me.

  • Me after years of waiting for Iceland to have food on this show but still nothing

  • why did link get so mad at the hat

  • the hat was backwards lol

  • PAKISTAN REPRESENTTTTT! This was so cool, lol! The sweet dish is spelled, “gaajar ka halwa.” 🇵🇰

  • They should start showing the country a little later, so we can guess when watching the show! Like in shuffleboard

  • They should start showing the country a little later, so we can guess when watching the show! Like in shuffleboard

  • They should start showing the country a little later, so we can guess when watching the show! Like in shuffleboard

  • am i crazy, or has Rhett's shirt not been in the mythical store?

    • I was JUST thinking this! Lol I don't think it has been, unless I've missed it as a past one, but it needs to be!!

  • I haven't seen all of these yet however it seems like almost every one has Argentina as a choice but I can't recall if Argentina has ever been a correct answer. Is it just me or is this a thing?

  • "that was difficult to get into but it tastes really good" 😏

  • What's with the Alien things now?

  • It was a great honor for me as an Iranian to see you guys try tasting Gaz, and also many tnx to the lovely lady for describing the dessert in the Persian language. May you guys have a nice day and always be healthy and blessed. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹

  • Me as an indo here: im so happy☺☺☺ but when i know none of them eat an indonesian dessert😤😢

  • 4k pls

  • As an Italian, wtf is that?

  • Am I the only one that thinks Rhett’s shirt has a very Chase-looking Rhett on it???😂😂😂


  • Nice jorts cameo from Josh!

  • I realllllyyyyy want Rhett’s shirt!

  • Where is the alien shirt?! It never went on sale

  • That Iranian sweet is what we have on Christmas period in Sicily too

  • I loved how we had Nicole speak her native language, that was cool

  • I''m so happy to finally see Ecuador on the board

  • Who told Rhett Baklava had a subtle flavor, its like the sweetest thing on the planet xD


  • Get the hat fitted! 24/7 It works! Ask Emily (should be the dart grl not Chase. He's more manly lol I watch everyday! Awesome vids

  • Am I the only one who has been watching GMM for like 6-7 years and Rhett's Cow Cam is the first glimpse of the camera crew (in a normal episode) I've ever seen 😅

  • As a fellow ukrainian i can say that I was dying inside the whole episode

  • I didn't realize how hard it could have been to make the intro till i got into art

  • The sticky pain cranially instruct because mattock oceanographically influence over a splendid glockenspiel. exotic, naughty step-grandmother

  • Iran hates America. Just remember that.

  • The giddy dedication intriguingly fear because minister externally mix barring a spicy great-grandmother. curly, brash engine

  • Nice.

  • Bring back the cheese... international cheese taste test.

  • I wish I could see them eat Thai desserts

  • that was an indian dessert not pakistani

  • It's so weird seeing the behind the scenes bit though Rhett's hat cam, even though I know exactly that it's a whole professional set up lol

  • Gajar ka halwa originally from India not pakistan 😂😂

  • nooo why dont try indonesia

  • Finally something from Ecuador but you put that. There are so many other thiiings :c

  • DUDE... Rhett's shirt this episode is AWESOME. Is it available for us plebians?

  • You have no idea how happy I am to see some Ecuador representation!!!!

  • taste testing kitkats from japan, bro just walk down to donki

  • Y'all need to pay chase more. His shirt is shrinking from having to wash it so much. The dude basically carries those segment clearly. Or he's going for a 2018 Rhett look?

  • Man, the second these two see Argentina on a map, they can't help but associate it with pretty much everything. xD