International School Lunch Taste Test

Birt 21 sep 2020
24 days of trying to convince us to do an International School Lunch Taste Test worked. Today, we're tasting school lunches from around the world. GMM

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  • OH finally ...Thank you GMM .I'm honoured

    • Someone tell pewds to get his fox

    • Woah my profile says it all.

    • Good idea, beint! Now you can say that you were featured in a GMM episode! :D

    • Thank you for making this video reality 😍😍

    • Love this 🤣🤣

  • I will not hit chase with a dart.

  • International MRE taste test plzzz

  • Scotland not country

  • Beet

  • 2:23 BULLHONKY!

  • I can say with 100% certainty that i can beat both Rhett and Link in this game

  • i love how chase is wearing a hairnet.

  • Absolute cap on that Scottish school lunch, we would all just go to the chippy

  • “peas and corn!!”

  • Scotsman here and we never saw any berries in school you having a laugh have you seen us

  • It’s official from now on I’m gonna call yogurt fermented pudding✊

  • Ayy Scotland

  • I thought the chicke was a backed potato i cant unsee it

  • International Taste Test, but every item they try is from the same country.

  • Lol at Japan.. not even close. Konyaku without anything and that rice hehehe🙃

  • In the U.S. of A we have the crappiest lunches. It stuns me how good other kids are eating.

  • For japan, what is the purpose of feeding kids a nearly 0 calorie food? Just to keep them satiated? I would think its more important to have actual nutritional value, even if its "bad" food

  • As a French person, this is really inaccurate. The coleslaw is rarely served in the canteen. Also, we have a proper piece of bread and cheese. For the dessert, I have never seen any donuts for lunch but we can have a small piece of tart and fresh fruits.

  • Pudding or YoGuRt

  • what kind of Japanese school lunch was that 😩 they never served it like that

  • Link: how does it make you feel that people from all over the world watch us Rhett: makes me feel like a million bucks Me searching up there net worth and it saying 30 million

  • Rhett's reaction is so genuine. where as link tries to be that funny guy but fails horribly with his over at top reaction kinda overacting.

  • Link hit where i live in the France one

  • i thought that the chicken from japan was a potato

  • Oh goodness**

  • I thought that chicken was an old potato

  • Wait how did she pronounce pankakor?

  • In Finland, i have never seen a school meal like that.

  • .

  • i live in the highlands of scotland and i aint never seen that school lunch ever in my entire life. usually a food that was invented or was made in a country, isnt commonly found in that country. people try to cater for travlers and tourests

  • Yes, 1D Schrodinger Equation and photon interaction!

  • Mmm fermented pudding

  • Kind of makes me happy Finland get just as bad looking, and probably tasting food as we do here in Sweden 😁 Makes us not alone in having bad school lunches 😅. But it’s a bit of a slap in the face seeing all other countries getting almost restaurant tier foods 😄

  • Link could definitely play a parody version of George bush

  • “The term Smorgasbord is Icelandic” My profile picture says it all.

  • For the Japanese School Meal, they should have given them Nattō (なっとう). Fermented Soybeans. xD

    • Natto is a breakfast food though... and the sticky stuff would get everywhere if kids had to eat it. It's guaranteed that schoolboys would be using them as a spitball substitute as they'd be smellier and stickier than real spitballs.

  • I love the excitement they feel" yeah I hit Canada!!!" The country is literally bigger than One of the continents

  • This was so interesting and fun to watch! As a German I’m ever so slightly surprised that Germany wasn’t included - that would’ve been Weißwurst, Beer and possibly a pretzel…


  • I'm from Scotland and there is nothing like this in any schools I've seen

    • must be from private schools cause i never seen anythin like that

  • Any Japanese people here who can confirm that y'all just straight up eat konnyaku in cold water?

  • The fermented pudding is one of my all time favorite GMM moments.

  • Crêpe? Thats a pancake my dudes.

  • These all look better than the ones in the USA

  • super fun video! Just one question, isn't smorgasbord Swedish? from our: Smörgåsbord

  • Beint you are a legend 🤣 love the fox photo too!

  • Smorgosbord is Swedish.

  • I'm so glad they got rid of the spoiler intro

  • smörgåsbord

  • Japan's school lunches are awesome and this one did not do it justice T____T. You should have tried the basic rice + grilled salted mackerel + pickled radish + miso soup combo. ... oh but then again miso soup would immediately give Japan away XD.

  • Im sure that the children who enjoy this enjoy it 😂😂😂 8:30 wtf 😂😂😅

  • Japanese school lunches are usually much better than that lol

  • The sudden kendo mainly like because recorder meteorologically realise anenst a wry circulation. stiff, adorable duck

  • Canada doesnt have school lunch most of the time

  • Please do international EAT POOP from around the world, if I keep saying that you’ll do it ? ...... DONE


  • French food looked amazing, i'd like to see what kind of abomimation american food these guys were served back in school lol

  • That devil's tongue looks like a bad looking stinky tofu and that "cucumber" is a daikon radish in the Japanese lunch (plus that lunch looks nothing like Japanese lunches.)

  • fermented pudding 💀

  • I live in Spain

  • Wait, in which episode was he magnetized, I have to watch it.

  • Thats a very US version of French. I feel like there would be a baguette , some kind of yoghurt and the cake would not be a doughnut. I don't think this resembles French.. French people am i right?

  • as a japanese school teacher...i'm confused about the japanese lunch. I have never been served just a bowl of konyaku like that....i don't think anyone eats just konyaku like that. I have been served many oden plates with konyaku mixed in but never just in a bowl of watery both alone.

  • Do Aussiee

  • Scottish lunch doesn’t look like that 😂😂

  • Scotlands lunch seems really expensive, what's the cost of adding fresh berries to every students plates?

  • What is an errrnge?

  • No one realized in the bottom left corner it says “I will not hit chase with a dart” 😂

  • I lived in Japan, and... that is not what they served, ever. It was more tereiaki chiken, rice, and Japanese Curry.

    • And milk

    • :P

    • Yeah… I think they must have been looking at private school menus. Sticky rice always gives it away lol.

  • Anyone else thought that the Japanese chicken was a potato?

  • 'man aze' instead of mayonnaise 🙄

  • We had the best school lunches in South Western Pennsylvania everyone loved the food, before crybabies worried about health haha

  • I'm french and I never heard or seen anything like the "french" dish in any school lunch... Pretty underwhelming episode.

  • Link is too indecisive and gets persuaded to easily that’s y he loses

  • I'm French and that school lunch was pretty spot on, except maybe for the doughnut. Never got a doughnut at school, we're more of a fromage frais people, maybe a madeleine if the administration is feeling generous

  • I just wanted link to hit that stickman head idw😂😂

  • Props for the nod to Carmen Sandiego (the OG one, not the new one)

  • Children in france eat better than that...

  • Where is the frog legs?

  • Hi I’m from Cambodia 🇰🇭 and thank you so much ☺️. Good mythical morning 👍🏻.

  • It’s not a finnish school lunch unless it comes with näkkäri on the side 😩

  • “Channel my inner lunch lady” Seems like Link’s new lucky phrase.

  • Lunch lady cartographer > Resident cartographer.

  • “Peas and corn” on Scotland 🌚🌚 luv, it’s peas and carrots 😭😭

  • why they get donuts and salmon in france? wtf

  • All link does is follow Rhett lead ,get an original thought link for once

  • 🧡🧡 🧡🧡 🧡🧡 🧡🧡 🧡🧡 🧡🧡 🧡🧡 🧡🧡💛 🧡🧡💛 🧡🧡💛 23🧡💛

  • That is not a typical Japanese lunch. Where is the omelet sausages etc.

  • International curry taste test please

  • I LOVE these International episodes! So interesting and eye-opening!

  • They did a really good job on capturing how BAD school lunches quality actually is. My mom always said I was dramatic but no

  • *The French are known for their ‘haute cuisine’ only because the Italians taught it to them by the DiMedici family. You’re welcome*

  • Just to be a little more accurate... There is few mistakes on the french tray: That kind of donut, round with an hole, that's American donut. We have baguette bread with lunch. We usually don't serve ratatouille with salmon, or any fish for that matter.

  • We dont eat that in spain, what a disgrace

  • They should have a version of this game where Josh makes a food that SEEMS like it could’ve come from somewhere on the map, and they have to guess if it’s an actual food, and if so where it’s from

  • I've never had eggs and sausages in my school in Spain ever lol

    • And last time i chequed nobody has EVER eaten chickpeas for breakfast here.

  • That japanese lunch foods is not the accurate representative of what it is in japan.

  • the whole world: Yogurt Americans: Fermented pudding

  • *we still got pizza and corn*