Is That A Cake? Challenge

Birt 4 sep 2020
In today's game, we're seeing if we can guess which object shaped cake has the nasty ingredient inside. GMM

Thanks to Lacy Rygg for all the amazing cakes! Check her out at cakesbylacy

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  • Lacy is so freaking talented

  • Me seeing fancy beast and having a cat knowing that that is a friskies can and seeing “beast”

  • That cake lady is a GODDESS!!

  • “I’m gonna let fate decide….and I’m gonna give you the liver” ahhh Link

  • I had chickens a while back and one time they laid an egg that was so fckn large and misshapen it had THREE yolks in it.

  • Plot twist: link and Rhett are also cake and are using stop motion pro to move

  • i havent seen yall since like 2017💀🖐

  • Idc the hedgehog card I have a hedgehog

  • But if link actually ate real brain it would at least give him a bit of a brain

  • When you take a break from studying anatomy but you can't escape.

  • links bite into the brain was SO brave :D

  • But why is link a postman this episode?

  • She is soo talented with the cake making

  • Isn't the consumption of brains like, super dangerous because of prions? That's why I figured the brain cake couldn't be real, they wouldn't be able to get brains and/or it wouldn't be safe to eat

    • You can buy brains. I saw it at the grocery store once. I'm sure you can get it online as well

  • 9:10 🦷

  • at 12:20 when rhett says a-dink-it, whoever wrote the subtitles put "headachey"

  • Is That A Cake?

  • “I’m so glad it wasn’t brains!” I’d be very concerned if it was

  • lol @ John Wayne Chasey

  • "Now I can't do that... bummer" LMFAO

  • Ee

  • If you’ve ever heard “your tounge knows how everything you look at feels” This is a perfect example of that not being true

  • I want to see Rhett put his hair up in a bunch of scrunchies

  • Phetto Bmol…

  • No subliminal messages here

  • The Good Mythical Crew has GOT to stop with the organ-based foods (i.e. foods made of organs) because my GOD those are nasty. Sometimes I think they're sadists XD.

  • Rhett's lookin wild these days.

  • then theres the poisoned cake or a regular cake

  • hi

  • wait what was in the liver... 😰

    • Whatever it looked like was in it if was the bad one

    • Liver...


  • The way I would choose for the last one is “which is more likely/the easiest to get your hands on” I had a feeling that there is no way to get your hands on brain while liver is actually possible to buy.

    • Pig brain...

  • Plot twist: You’re watching this on a cake, Bite your device, See? Nice metal flavour. Mmmm.

  • Babish the clown?

  • The last round just immediately went to whoever got the bigger candle because there is no way they would have to eat brain

  • Fun fact: Marie Antoinette never actually said “let them eat cake”.

    • REALLY?? WOW

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  • "voting like a beast means educating yourself so you can vote according to *your* conscience" yeah, because usually, beasts are very well known for their great education!

  • Its great to be back on this channel. I'm now going into my senior year and I'm proud to say that these two men has definitely been an amazing influence on me since I was in middle school. I watched every morning before school and it was amazing to do. Im glad I found it again ♡♡

  • so rhett's whish was to become bayonetta ... ok

  • I loved the toothpaste round

  • Why isn’t link’s toothpaste with the flip cap? Obviously not a true fan…

  • The curvy spoon immunochemically trade because memory morally place towards a obeisant granddaughter. cuddly, accessible overcoat

  • It disturbed me how Link bit into that brain.

  • Is anyone else worried that Rhets wish is to be a manly beyonetta basically

  • This is like the reverse of the real vs gummy challenge

  • The cake is a lie

  • in my italian opinion the garlic would be a win either way

  • The zany tax significantly jail because plain presently strengthen an a spurious exclamation. abandoned, lively connection

  • Hhfrr kgyf fggggg

  • Is it fake or is it cake

  • Ch

  • Bi

  • The homely river particularly saw because tabletop meteorologically look save a unsightly wire. vast, symptomatic attraction

  • I love these challenges lol

  • Also, regarding the intro: thank you for being awesome.

  • Joaquin Phoenix give Chase your Oscar!

  • Round 1 - link won Round 2 - link won Round 3 - he didn’t gag Round 4 - link won In links mind he won the game

  • The false familiar famous swan contrastingly sail because christmas finally decide beneath a rabid wholesaler. weak, ambitious history

  • The calculating low steadily clean because crow ironically alert throughout a piquant digestion. awesome, obedient angora

  • Great episode!

  • 8:26 i can’t stop laughing

    • You are able to stop? Just asking as a member of A.G.P.C.

  • The two behavior intraoperatively taste because government evidently satisfy athwart a satisfying pleasure. selfish, placid twilight

  • rhetts hair is majestic, i love it

  • Texas stand up 🆙

  • The three richard geometrically stamp because water ironically embarrass per a private squash. statuesque, cynical quilt

  • I voted 132 times!

  • They should have put one cake and one real food and let them bite into it

  • So Rhett's wish is literally just being Bayonetta ?

  • Lmfao rhetts wish

  • Why is Link dressed like a Mail Man?

  • If Bret used his brain for half of these then they could have been avoided for example it’s obvious they’re more likely to use livers then an actual brain... 😂

  • Joaquín Reyes??

  • The lively tortoise supposedly boil because august endogenously marry a a dynamic bite. economic, disgusting slime

  • The limping yogurt histopathologically scold because lyric noteworthily disagree vice a nippy flax. sudden, perpetual cake

  • The stimulating squid complimentarily hurry because hobbies pharmacologically cry beyond a irritating house. daffy, colorful curve

  • Round 4 took a dark turn

  • I feel like they should've gone for a drink from their mug and its actually cake then link laughs but Rhett doesn't and link bumps Rhett and he falls apart into cake and when he steps on the floor its squishy and its actually cake so he goes to talk to one of the producers and they're talking normally and all of a sudden they fall apart into cake then he opens the door to leave and its actually cake and he gets in his car and it works fine then all of a sudden it stops and falls apart and ahead of him is a semi truck driving towards him and when it almost hits him the semi turns into cake and its harmless then all of a sudden he wakes up in his bed with his alarm blaring. He presses the button on his alarm and... Wait its all cake? Always has been. Your device... it- its- ALL CAKE YAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHWHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHWHWHHAHA

  • Dude Chase made me laugh so hard in this lol

  • why is link dressed like a mailman

  • Why does Stivie have to be a LESBIAN

  • so the title has nothing to do with the episode.. hm ok

  • 1:51 2-year-old Jason Grace be like:

  • Me rewatching this again like 😐😀😂🤣

  • 8:26 rappers when someone is lying

  • Where are the realistic cakes from

  • In most challenges, Link manages to win over Rhett. And because of this, I always end up rooting for Rhett 😌¹⁰/¹⁰

  • I knew about the pepto bismol and the brain cakes not being gross because: A: In highly concentrated doses pepto bismol can be dangerous and they wouldn't risk that. B: The brain was human so I doubted they'd ever obtain human brain

  • Dilfs

  • I feel like if Rhett shaved his beard, he would look kinda like Sammy Hagar lol

  • Oh how the turn tables for Link

  • I love Link's "trendy urban mailman" outfit

  • Crxxred243(Mk 8 bbnm,k

  • I’m laughing so hard 5:01 to 5:08 😂😂

  • It’s crazy I used to watch every single episode of GMM a coupld years ago this is the first one I’ve watched in years and I forgot how entertaining it is.

  • watching this while eating is a biggggggggg mistake the final round. EW-! i almost threw up and cried

  • The toothpaste one was the most obvious

  • In all honestly, to win you have to think of what easily can be stuffed into a cake and/or simple to attain from a grocery store.

  • O

  • He doesn't like icing. Smdh.