McDonald's vs. Wendy's Taste Test | FOOD FEUDS

Birt 19 maí 2021
Today, we're pinning McDonald's against Wendy's in this episode of FOOD FEUDS!! GMM # 1962

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Intro Animation by Matthew Dwyer and Mike Pasley
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  • I think the gmm writers are going senile

  • I actually really like the spicy chicken sandwich from McD. The spiciness comes from the sauce. Maybe they didnt put enough on yours. Also, nuggets are good in Frostys just like the fries are !

  • Link sumed it up wen he said he goes to wendys and says "oh i havent been here in a while....Frosty"!! Wendys just aint the spot.

  • I would argue that Wendy's signature burger should be the Baconator. It's simple. I'm not a Wendy's guy. I don't know their product. But EVERYONE knows about the Baconator.

  • damn never realized that people who like wendy’s were such snobs lmao

  • The frosty was invented in 1969 and the mcflurry was invented in 1997. So, the McDonald's copied Wendy's.

  • Wish you did this blind folded

  • Link not eating tomatoes is crazy. They should make him eat a whole tomatoe

  • Wendy spicy nuggets are better anyway love you Wendy's I'm tired of mc donalds menu. Everything from it is disgusting and I always feel sick 😷 when I eat mc donalds chicken nuggets to much grease I guess

  • Frostys are the legit best, I go almost daily 😅😅😅😅😅. I'm 8 and half months pregnant.

  • Both of those are my pregnancy fast food cravings. 🤣

    • Chicken nuggets and fries from mcdonalds. Frostys and baconator from Wendy's.

  • Wait if that’s what there school lunch was like what was there school like then????

  • Wendy is raw like juice wrld and mc donalds is engineered like drake

  • I don't know why I'm watching this, I live in india we don't have wendy's

  • Link always makes it so complicated with his scoring it’s so funny

  • When mc donalds is a little beter rhett tied it , when wendys was a little better he gived the win to wendys..... Seems like something is personal there....

  • Can you guys put up the proud mythical beast Yee up again? I want it so bad during pride month :((

  • How could you compare Wendy’s classic 90s chicken sandwich to McDonals very very new chicken sandwich and not their classic McChicken. Wtf

  • Should’ve done McDonald’s vs Burger King IMO lol

  • 8:11 man that hurts my soul

  • Yeah right you all totally screwed this one up.

  • Can we talk about how nobody beats Wendy’s twitter roasts


  • MCDONALD'S FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • They should have done a double quarter pounder instead of a Big Mac. I feed that it would have been a better comparison

  • You had one job. To choose burger king.

  • Tip about wendys, ordering extra veggies for the burgers are free. I always get tomatoes and onions with my burgers and chicken sandwiches

  • i love that they made a pride shirt, but why is it so limited? i wanna have pride all year round, not for a month and definitely not for only 48 hrs. I love that they are donating but lgbtqia+ charities need donations all year round not just during pride month. Just something i wish they would consider.

  • both no good wateraburger is the best hands down

  • No comparison Wendy's is way better

  • Bruh mcdonald's French fries have more calories the joe mama 😧

  • When I saw the McFlurry and then Stevie said "Normal size McFlurry" I was in awe. In the UK we have something 1/3 the size of that!

    • I always get the snack size, it’s much more reasonable.

  • Rhett my fav and I never had Wendy’s breakfast

  • where is Links little pad to rate things, it helped him so much haha

  • Wendy's has a chili sauce packet that literally elevates basically everything on their lunch menu, especially the burgers

  • I like the new McDonald’s spicy chicken, but I ask them to put more sauce on it, otherwise it’s not spicy enough.

  • In my opinion when it comes to burgers, Wendy’s crushes McDonald’s, but McDonald’s fries and nuggets absolutely smashes Wendy’s fries and nuggets

  • Figures Americans would choice McDonalds. Wendy's is 100x better.

  • McDonalds McGriddles are untouched but I got Wendy’s as the better restaurant but Mickey ds good to me tbh

  • That’s cap Wendy’s is WAY better than McDonald’s this makes me very sad

  • How are you 40 something and that picky of tomato on your food. Lol.

  • Wendy's hands down.

  • I go to McDonald’s more often than Wendy’s but Wendy’s is way better

  • This is definitely the PPV event I wanna watch.

  • Love cold McDonald’s fries!

  • They didn't compare the mcchicken to anything at Wendy's. The mcchicken is one of my favorites at McDonald's.

  • I like Wendy's way more.

  • I love you guys, but come on!

  • Yea I order mcdonalds spicy nuggets and got regular too 😂

  • The only thing I get at McDonald's is the Big Mac. When they were on sale I went to town on those.

  • Rhett... Link... I love you both but I gotta know, did either of you watch Mayweather vs. Logan Paul?

  • Wheres the baconator & quarter pounder?

  • I really thought the title said Food Fetus for a solid minute and I was concerned. 😂

  • This episode reminds me why these two are BFFs

  • Bic Mac is yuck. I like their "Homestyle" burger, has a pepper mustard with lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions. Prefer anything Wendy's over McD's except plain biscuit.

  • Afraid I have to disagree, overall. McDonald's does seem to have the better breakfast menu, but the fries from McDonald's are always limp and soggy, and rarely salted enough. Wendy's fries usually are cooked and seasoned better. Wendy's nuggets definitely win, and they have chili and potatoes to offer, too, which I love to get. Everything at McDonald's has a very homogenous flavor (likely thanks to the beef tallow they put in practically everything they offer.) Aside from breakfast, I feel very strongly that Wendy's takes the cake.

  • that’s wasnt the spicy crispy...

  • McDonalds is better until youre older than 8.

  • Come on just get to the eating already

  • Daves double compares exactly to the quarter pounder.

  • Can we just all agree that they’re both better than Burger King

  • Wendy’s fries > McDonald’s fries

  • Wendy’s nuggets are disgusting taste like cafeteria food when I was kid

  • This may be the most controversial video by yall to date✋😭

  • I can’t believe what happened with the chicken sandwiches. I’ve always preferred McDonald’s for almost everything, but I literally don’t go anywhere but Wendy’s for my chicken sandwiches and the fact that the score was so low is criminal

  • You know Stevie prefers McDonald’s. The burgers challenge picture says it all, pure favoritism

  • love the support for LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈♥️

  • No beef Wendy’s is better on PERIOD.

    • Wendy's is better on her period? That's pretty weird but you do you.

  • I prefer Wendy’s hands down.

  • Wendys is much better for burgers, mcdonalds is better for nuggets and fries

  • god i was yelling at my screen that the chicken sandwiches were not spicy

  • Neither

  • McDonald’s fries got crack in em

  • I don't understand why they put the Dave's double up against the big mac.?!? If you were doing special burgers you should have don't the baconator to the big Mac and the Dave's double against the quarter pounder 🙄

  • McDonald's new Quarter Pounders are amazing

  • McDonald’s barely takes breakfast and easily takes fries and the McFlurry, Wendy’s easily takes chicken sandwich, burger, and nuggets in my opinion

  • Dude! The McDonald’s spicy chicken is supposed to have sauce. Haha. That’s what makes it spicy! Otherwise it’s just a chicken sandwich

  • Thanks for the pride shoutout. Feelin' special.

  • Mcdonalds is faker. Which in turn can equal better sometimes. Wendy is my homie tho

  • I don't eat fast food anymore and overall I'm not really a big fan of it, but for me it's Wendy's that wins. Of course McDonald's has better breakfast, but other than that Wendy's all the way. Their food is not only cheaper, but it's better quality. And their ice cream machines actually work lol

  • I’m so sad I want that shirt 😭😭😭😭

  • 16:17 disagree

  • I love Wendy’s

  • Heresy

  • Love your t- shirt Rhett .

  • they dont know good food.


  • Y’all say you are southern but think McDonald’s has a better biscuit? Haha what’s joke. Wendy’s is better and it’s not even a competition

  • Love the shirt Rhett!

  • The funny thing is Wendy's just revamped their chicken sandwich too

  • Wendy's has what's matters most better burgers

  • McDonald's fries are pretty salty that's why they're better

  • makes no sense to compare the wendys single to a big Mac when the quarter pounder is the counter part

  • Wendy's hands down they make burgers fresh daily, I used to make them

    • No matter what I get from McDonald's, when I eat it, I get full very fast and have to lay down and rest because I feel sick. Anything I eat from wendys, I get full, but in a satisfying, happy way. Wendys has always been my favorite, everything tastes fresh, and real.

  • Also I’ve been asking for more rhetts rhants

  • Can y’all do a will it McFlurry episode

  • My respect for them lowered for making a lgbtq shirt

    • Stevie literally has a gf. If you didnt think they would show respect for their crewmate and friend especially during pride month then I don't know what to tell you.

  • Baconator > anything at McDonald’s

  • You wouldn’t enjoy McDonald’s fries if you knew have they prepare them.

  • wendy’s is sooo underrated. ion care what anyone says they’re better than mcdonald’s