Reacting To Crazy Science Experiments

Birt 18 maí 2021
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Today, we're seeing if we can figure out these science experiments with no instructions. FOR SCIENCE!! GMM # 1961

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  • The certain nigeria relatively count because algebra bailly divide amidst a dusty space. impartial, placid wood

  • Does anyone here know what the word extortion means?

  • Uh... that last one didn't work at all.

  • Links reaction to the little green balloon popping 😂😂😂



  • 6:08 is 100% where my fear of balloons comes from

  • In ph its good mytical night

  • THE ARM FLAP AT 6:15 😂

  • Google as a password protector, what a joke lol. 22 of my passwords were breached at once because I saved them on google. Don't.

  • 6:14 Links reaction is SO HILARIOUS!!!!!! especially since it cuts of so quickly

  • Rhett is very smart.

  • They are not that good at pretending that they didn't just talk about all these outcomes before the recording started.

  • The rebel lilac dentsply grip because snail extracellularly punch mid a eatable jumper. pale, large mary

  • 6:16 i kept laughing and repeating this scene the way rhett and link where startled is just very funny

  • Did link just say that beans was a four letter word

  • You know you are a successfull youtuber when google sponsors you

  • I fell asleep on the couch and woke up to Rhett’s face @ 0:17 on pause 👀😂

  • I didn't knew I was smart, but I knew all of them.

  • still don’t understand how the toothpick got in the forks

  • So that's why when I try to put cinnamon in my coco it never mixes in right, the more you know

  • How balanced my life is

  • This reminds me of an episode of taskmaster

  • The material brass greely haunt because operation moberly wash midst a foolish population. scary, adamant drain

  • "Last time it exploded really early in the process" [laughs from the crew] "You wanna put it in this hole?" "Now I shake it" This string of unintentional innuendos was just glorious

  • I got hacked three years ago because they used that same feature to gain access to everything I owned. I DO NOT recommend it.

  • They knew exactly what they were doing arranging those oranges and milk bottle at 3:16 😂😂😂

  • I was a fan silence you started this channel 😭. It’s so great to see how this channel has grown

  • “Oh come in mike who do you think we are?” After he says engineering terms was so smooth of Rhett.

  • Why did y'all discontinue Rhett's beard oil? It smelled so good on my boyfriend's beard! Now it's the Mythical Beard Oil! :( bring it back!

  • Google made that to make it easier to find you

  • i like how link is holding the fork near the fire to make the fork a part of it

  • Did a flaming goat with red eyes deliver that sponsorship opportunity? Asking for a friend.

    • no, your mom did not deliver the sponsorship opportunity.

  • The things they say like with the cinnamon: This is what the ancient people did when they went swimming

  • I like how Reht's hair looks king Charles cocker spaniel ears

  • Shaleofemja

  • How the fork did you DO that!? 🧞‍♂️ It's magic!

  • A spud on fi-yah? 🥔 🔥

  • Cinnamon on gummy worms. Gummy worms scream. 🤢 End experiment. 👨‍🔬

  • *ahhh1993*

  • Google Google Google......... Skipped

  • Looks like mallory is going to grow a third arm

  • I've watched 6:14 four times now and each time I lost it with their reaction. 😆🤣

  • Just a reminder that these guys were engineers in a past life.

  • is it just me or does rhett look like jason momoa

  • The last one with the forks reminds me of the Magical Spinning Angel Chimes. We had it in the 70s. You can still buy them. Same principal.

  • 6:13 the way Link jumps is a beautiful thing

  • The amount of bloopers 🤣🤣🤣

  • 6:15 you're welcome

  • Engineering degrees successfully revoked xD

  • Love this vid

  • 5:29 how are you so smart at everything rhett

  • This was hard to watch.

  • "Google protects you". Unfortunately they pick passwords easier for computers to hack and harder for the user to remember, which means Google is protecting themselves. Nice marketing.

  • Science! 🤓

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  • me watching good mythical morning after 7 years be like

  • Everyone should know that oils dissolve latex 😂

  • that Goggle thing is good, it should be popular

  • Yall should pause at 6:15ish lol both of their reactions are hilarious.

  • Which planet you people from?

  • 1:23 umm Link "Beans" is a 5 letter word. Also for those who say "Bean" is 4 yes, but Rhett clearly will not eat just once single bean...

  • Oh, come on! Whose idea was it to put two oranges on the sides of a milk jug like that? 😆

  • beans arent four letters, link...

  • Cute

  • I completely forgot about you guys I watched you every day when you guys first started

  • Rhett looks like Bruiser Brodie

  • replace link with stevie

  • link it's definitely Phil from modern family in real life

  • Shilling for Google about privacy lol

  • I stopped watching these 2 a couple years ago and I've came back and OMG RHETT'S HAIR

  • Had to go back and watch link get startled by the balloon in slow motion haha.

  • This is the closest that I'll ever get to seeing Rhett and Link on Taskmaster.

  • Sometimes, I forget these guys went to school for engineering.

  • i have a question. why dont we ever see where the wheel lands? is it on a website? im pretty confused

  • wewd

  • This was too freaking funny, please do more of these🤣

  • limonene is a terpene in cannabis too and its good for mood enhancement :)

  • This video was so entertaining I loved it

  • 3:48 did anyone here steevy turn into and alien

  • I Freakin Love the science episodes guys!!!

  • that is why they say not to drink milk and OJ together that it will curdle and make you throw up

  • They gave you too many points to start

  • Many people wouldn't think that hydrocarbons are a part of things like rubber and plastics.

  • i want to know link's favorite conspiracy theories. idk if they already made a video on this, but i feel like conspiracy theories are something they should definitely do an episode on. i also want to know rhett's favorites, i just want to know link's more lol.

  • I learned that sticking your finger in too deep will get it wet 😏

  • Haven't watched GMM in a while... Why does Rhett look like a model for Suave shampoo??? I just wanna braid his hair ❤️❤️

  • Cinnamon is wood bark dust. What did u expect. Lol

  • Daddy daddy do!

  • Rhett's favorite 3 words: "Free wood bean"

  • Them getting jumpscare by balloons is one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

  • I love this episode idea. More please!

  • “Thisishowrocketswork”

  • 6:15 Link's face lol XD

  • What was the point of this game? Just loose all the experiments and you still have 35 points

  • Google giving themselves publicity on their own app.

  • Please do another video like this!! This was really cool!

  • Link: "...some items to conduct a certain scientific-" my anime ass brain: RAILGUN Link: "-experiments you weeb"

  • "Yeah... now you effed the whole thing up..." 😆