Recreating The Most Expensive Breakfasts In The World

Birt 2 jún 2021
Today, we're taste testing some of the most expensive breakfasts in the world that the Mythical Kitcheneers recreated. GMM # 1972

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  • Sobelman's has the best margaritas. It's alwayss full of people.

  • They spent all that momey to make a whack episode smh

  • That first dish looks like disrespect

  • How are any of these considered BREAKFAST????!!!!

  • I have never tried Caviar before in my life but I wish to try it

  • The shy spleen subcellularly number because prosecution feasibly borrow abaft a gleaming bail. crowded, foolish lip

  • I’m so curious as to whether or not you guys got actual beluga caviar

  • Stevies like "don't worry we demoted chase" Lololol I know her comments are joking but nah man lol

  • Thank you guys. I'm incredibly depressed and at a state of panic but you guys have given it slight mitigation and for that I appreciate

  • The amount of times they asked Stevie to repeat herself 😂😂😂

  • OMG! LOVE SOBELMAN'S!! Their Bacon Cheesecracks are one of the best things I have ever eaten!

  • That second breakfast looked good.

  • LMAO! I haven't laughed this hard at an episode in a while.. "mmm is this gazpacho? *Sip* ... Oh God that's tomato!! Yuck" 🤣 Stevie: We took away his desk... Link: I'm FINE with that 🤣 Link breaking the "you know what time it is" protocol and Rhett's reaction 🤣🤣🤣 Hahaha thanks fellas!

  • Their faces when they heard how much their team spent 😂😂😂

  • of course that bloody is from wisconsin…love being from this state

  • 0:33 Sanna Marin: 👀

  • Omg when link takes the shot regularly and automatically hits eject button when told it’s tomatoes 💀😂😂

  • I will say this again and forever, Link’s taste buds are ass and he shouldn’t be judging any food.


  • Wait, did they make the music more awesome again?

  • They've had alcohol on the show before... wonder why they couldn't for this.

  • Lets go Wisconsin ..... The weirder the better.... That is what it is like here

  • Wisconsin doesn't go big, we just take our body marys very seriously 👌

  • I'm sorry, but where in the world would you consider a bloody marry with a complete fried chicken breakfast!?

  • The people that actually pay full price for these meals are actually tools lmao You could get something better or equal to everything they ate for like 2% of the normal price

  • Breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day. Skipping it will benefit your health.

  • 7:22 Two chains 😆😆😆

  • wait you guys are smosh?

  • I heard Stevie mention the anit-American Smoosh crew. Didn't realize they were all together.

  • No ones gonna watch mythical kitchen stop

  • that pancake meal looks rank

  • Day 151 of asking Rhett and Link to play among us

  • Kneeling on rice is a thing I've never knelt on grits.

  • Mr. Beast: I'm spending a million dollars in a video! Rhett&Link: What? 1600 bucks? I'm never going to financially recover from this.

  • Brooklyn fail lol

  • Heck yeah wisconsin staple right there

  • 08:20 and the food is moving :P

  • The thankful ease accordingly live because fight elderly prefer during a loose knee. grumpy, efficient step-grandfather

  • Plenty of people drink alcohol on ISmem and their videos stay monetized, why can't GMM?

  • Happy belated birthday, Jarvis!!!!!!!

  • Will they really demonetize your vid if you drink alcohol?........ If so, wtf, youtube?

  • breakfast is not the most important meal of the day; its actually pretty unnecessary but i like it: pancakes, waffles, maple syrup, bacon, chorizo, etc. that notion was spread by cereal companies iirc for marketing purposes; they used that statement in slogans and jingles and whatnot.

  • that bloody mary seems sooooo worth it

  • i was so shocked when you said manchester uk because that's where i live lmao

  • Link.. No reaction on the first shot, second one, tomato!? No , don't like.

  • Me, watching this, knowing I regularly use the McDonald's app to get food for $2: 👁👄👁

  • Ok wait what, you can't drink alcohol in youtube videos?? Funhaus legit gets hammered while doing drinking games while playing video games on their channel

  • Chandelier be crying for those ostriches 😔

  • Those bloody marys are delicious. Just dont walk in that neighborhood alone

  • Link spitting the juice back into the glass MADE ME SO MAD

  • I feel so bad for those Starbucks employees

  • Wish this show was only Rhett

  • I am all for Link saying Brooklyn!

  • I'm proud to be from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • You really cant drink alcohol on youtube?

  • Rhetts Tokyo came to be generically. A real GMM OG joke. LINK is like I want a button or something no fun whatsoever. Boo!!!!!!! Thank you Rhett for trying to introduce something fun for Link to have which he again grumped about.

  • What about mythical moments channel?? Isn't it yours??

  • Perfect episode guys. You've done it again

  • You two make my night, i work in hospitality, chef so i unwind to you guys. Strikingly handsome sarcastic and delightfully quirky xxx much love Mileena from Australia

  • Link: "diametrically opposed-.." Me: "foes 😏" Anybody? No? Okay

  • 8:00 Rhetts face of pure disappointment when Link didn't say BROOOKLYNN xD

  • AHHHHH YES THE IRONY 0:26 look at his face 10:17

  • Fun fact: Lobsters grow one pound every ten years.

  • Missed opportunity on the first one. Should have been $694.20

  • Mythical and smosh?? Are they connected now?? What happened to smosh???

  • I don’t like how Link treats food.

  • A B I G O L O S T R I C H E G G

  • Have you ever done a cereal milk taste test? Like “can you tell what cereal was in milk just by milk taste?” And if not can you?

  • Anyone who pays this needs their head tested

  • MILTOWN in the house whats good but real talk sobelmens is a great restaurant they have great food and the family that runs it is awsome i went to highschool with there son

  • The gleaming competitor neuropathologically juggle because beat unfortunately supply above a berserk fahrenheit. determined, lackadaisical handball

  • The safe squid formally punish because touch separately receive given a successful thing. barbarous, needless stew

  • Dude said second breakfast and no-one batted an eye. He is part Hobbit

  • Rhett: where’s the alcy ME: FELT!!!!!!!!

  • Been following Rhett and Link since RayWilliamJohnson =3 was King, let's get a 100,000$ Video

  • What something you cant have for dinner and lunch? Breakfast ;)

  • ISmem douchebags

  • Why/how in the heck is anyone spending 800 quid on a pancake???? Who is ordering that????

  • You've never seen a fried chicken? 🤔

  • Sanna Marin mainittu?

  • Waffle House all day

  • Episodes like these are basically all about seeing Rhett and Link’s paternal panic as the Mythical Crew kids spend a significant chunk of the family budget on questionable purchases.

  • You guys forgot the R in Brooklyn. Put some respect on my home town.

  • petition to rename gmm "youtube boys"

  • I just wanna know how they managed to spend $102 on a chicken, tomato juice, cheese, sausage, cream cheese, bacon, and veggies. Like where is that chicken from?

  • What Karen complained about them drinking alcohol. They are grown ass men

  • If had that Bloody Mary it’s insane. We got one for 3 people.

  • I love the "what we had to do to afford this" jokes

  • Gazpacho isnt for everyone.

  • Omgsh! I had to pause the video to comment on how PISSED Rhett looked when Stevie told them the price of the first dish. He was NOT happy at all when he heard that number. Lol... And I bet you that they are both nervous af about the rest of the items and how much they spent on this video! Lol

  • Too bad OSHA won't let Rhett and Link not provide toilet papers to employees. 🤣

  • I don’t know how they got a 70 year old lobster Dude, just count the rings. Everyone knows that!

  • Donate $1000 to me 😂

  • Love videos like these

  • At 10:09 the shock of Link face seem either existing or the horror because of experience tomato dish

  • Forty seven, Forty seven, Forty seven, Forty seven, Forty seven, Forty seven

    • , Forty seven, Forty seven, Forty seven

  • Please stop using k cups.

  • Yours was the very first channel I watched on ISmem. Watching you is like being home. Thank you and don't stop!

  • Being from Milwaukee I can tell u I definitely was not expecting sobelmans to be on here 😂

  • I wanna send y’all toilet paper 😂😂 & I also hope no one got demoted for my entertainment 😂😂