Store Bought Restaurant Food Taste Test

Birt 5 maí 2021
Today, we're seeing if we can determine which food was bought from the restaurant vs the store. GMM # 1952

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  • The best frozen mozzarella sticks are Trader Joe's brand. Just have to provide your own marinara sauce.

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  • I like how Stevie was getting pissed cuz they were rambling about nothing for the first 3 minutes .. yeeeeeaaaaahhhhh were doing a 321

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  • It’s always so great when link wins. Feels like the underdog made it to the top

  • The blindfolds were great, it made me laugh so hard it made me cry.

  • This episode showed me why you guys patent various food holders.

  • I couldn't stop laughing at Link's card number 4 some reason

  • Cracked me up seeing them attempt to eat blindfolded😂🤣

  • Y'all make me want to get a twitter just so I can say sour cream us the best dip and have them talk about that.

  • This one was kinda loose😁

  • This one was frustrating to watch.. I kept wanting to help them.

  • Do a sequel with a blindfold the whole time I think

  • Blindfolds for life please

  • that was the first time i heard Rhett swear on camera

  • Link has to make everything awkward

  • Putting on blindfolds made this video 4000 times funnier XD

  • This would have been so so much better blindfolded lol

  • Should of air fried everything store bought

  • Water chestnuts are the tell-tale sign of something store bought

  • The ablaze joke acutely afford because pull formerly strengthen among a helpful red. glossy, delirious feet

  • Should of fried the stixxxxxx no one bakes mozzarella sticks

  • As you can see we can't 😂 Always funny

  • I love the frozen TGIF Mozzarella sticks. Definitely the best quality ones you can get at the grocery store

  • i really needed an episode like this i had no idea if these would be good or not so thanks!

  • Can you please make a restaurant called "The Mythical Kitchen"?

  • You should try and do a restaurant vs Josh. See if Josh can recreate famous dishes better then the restaurant can.

  • They already did a video to see who could do think upside down. How have they not done one where they're blindfolded yet?

  • Lol! That was the best blindfolded eating I've ever seen

  • The best part about getting the cheddar biscuits in a box, is you get to make them with foods that aren’t at red lobster I worked at a gas station when they once made the cheddar biscuits with goulash Was incredible

  • She gave away the answer of the foods with price

  • Right before they put on blindfolds i was thinking "hm I guess they shouldve done blindfolds cuz this is too easy visually" lol

  • Got it, link really likes water chestnuts

  • Watching them trying to eat with the blindfolds on half way through the ep. Was priceless! Link's just tapping the cheesecake with his fork like a blind man using a walking cane. I laughed so hard my stomach hurts.

  • you'd think they would be better at eating blindfolded by now

  • Now i want 'will it pot pie' with blindfolds

  • Blindfolded Rhett is hilarious 😂

  • Y'all need an air fryer to prepare your frozen snacks! lol

  • Anyone else SHOOK that Link likes water chestnuts

  • I think this video got a lot funnier and better with the blindfolds ON 😂😂

  • I remember you’ll when you started videos now you’re all boogy

  • Commenting on every video

  • COOL VID!!!!!

  • U gotta do another one of these ! Try taquitos brands and maybe try Panera soup

  • The redundant bathtub analogically box because children inherently like notwithstanding a wild prose. worried, symptomatic driving

  • If you do this again, you should include Cracker Barrel Mac and Cheese. Just had the grocery store version a few days ago, and it blew me away.

  • I sometimes imagine that Rhett and Link actually keep their prizes and have the hall of fame rooms filled with them and brag who has more Brian tags, or more crowns.

  • Rhett was right, that wasn’t his first or last time using his sauce packet theory

  • Who agrees with me please start a petition get Gordon Ramsay on this part of the segment for tasting what's in the store and what's not it'll be hilarious

  • These guys need to feed themselves while blindfolded more often. Hardest I’ve laughed from gmm, that was great

    • I watched your documentary and honestly made me an even bigger fan of y’all, thank you guys for such amazing content and you love of giving back💙

  • Hold up.. The Cheesecake Factory is a real thing?! My life has just been altered completely

  • I can't stop staring at the lionel album cover. I want it..

  • I feel really bad for whoever had to clean up after the show.

  • Watching them trying to eat blindfolded was the funniest thing ever!

  • Had to Google jicima

  • He just took a BIG bite of NOTHING! HILARIOUS!!

  • I could watch an entire episode of just them trying to eat with blindfolds on!!! Lol

  • its funny because i am not the top comment

  • How much you wanna bet someone tried to enter in those card numbers.

  • 12:29 The disapproving stare after the menu fell. I can still see it even with the blindfold on lol

  • 3:35 This fact is incorrect. The first American restaurant in Moscow, Russia was the Planet Hollywood in 1996 - 1 year before TGI Friday's in 1997.

  • Aunt Annie's is not a restaurant, it's a kiosk

  • We need more GMM episodes where Rhett and Link eat blindfolded. This was gold

  • 12:17 I've never seen a better scoop of nothing in my life

  • I watched your documentary and honestly made me an even bigger fan of y’all, thank you guys for such amazing content and you love of giving back💙

  • Wow, I don’t know if it’s like this everywhere but in Texas the red lobster biscuits you get a basket of 4 every time you come in to the restaurant for free and when you finish that basket you just ask for more and it’s free

  • I would love so much to see the Try Guys come on this show

  • 😂😂😂

  • Always wonderful when Nicole is an actual culinary specialist... and then there's Josh 🙄

  • The blindfolded pot pie eating ...freakin hilarious 😂

  • It's like watching two old blind men lmao

  • Link was still using his hands to feel when blindfolded, obviously felt that the pot pie's crust was folded over the edges which made it clear it was the restaurant, and felt the crust on the cheesecakes which they are very familiar with by now

  • You guys need to make glasses that make things foggy so you can see but cant tell what is what.

  • I sometimes imagine that Rhett and Link actually keep their prizes and have the hall of fame rooms filled with them and brag who has more Brian tags, or more crowns.

  • I was sitting here thinking “Why did they switch to the credit cards instead of sticking the flags in- oh, because they keep stabbing each other with the flags.”

  • The Cheesecake Factory has food that is AWESOME on my taste buds!

  • I feel like this is what air friers were invented for. Toss in the frizen food and get it crispier.

    • Who bakes mozzarella sticks? Yuck

  • Link always introduces things like he's trying to meet the word count on an essay

  • red lobster biscuits are disgusting. I actually prefer KFC

  • "How much more tasty? 🤨🤔🤨 10%" 😂😂😂😂😂 8:18

  • Idk why the food videos are my favorite. I guess I just love food.

  • Y’all should challenge Josh to follow the restaurant recipe as closely as he can and see if you can tell the difference

  • I HAVE AN EPISODE IDEA! Taste test either the Hostess pies or the JJ pies.

  • Why did Link keep saying Queen sweep?

  • Maybe an episode on the best way (proper way?) to hold a utensil.

  • I keep replaying 12:20-12:30 and keep laughing harder every single time 🤣🤣

    • Once the blindfolds were on, it was like two old men at a Senior Citizens Center after years of neglecting their cataracts

  • You should do Panera soups! They have store bought too

  • I have good idea for an episode “Will it peanut butter and jelly?”

  • i laughed so hard at this episode. PLEASE have them feed themselves blindfolded more often !!

  • Omg, please just do a whole episode of blindfolded eating. LOL

  • I see why you have people feed you lolol

  • Who bakes mozzarella sticks? Yuck

  • There’s probably more MSG in all of the restaurant food

  • As an emplyoee of The Cheesecake Factory, all cheesecakes are frozen, none are made in house

  • Take a shot every time Rhett knocks over the bill book 😂

  • Yes the jimaca doesn't get enough credit thank you Nicole

  • I could listen to Link use adjectives all day. Such great delivery

  • “OR-ANGE” not “AHR-INGE”

  • Link liking water chestnuts is the most on brand move I’ve ever seen