What's The Most Addictive Food? (Taste Test)

Birt 26 maí 2021
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Today, we're trying the most addictive foods in the world. GMM # 1967

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  • Anybody else feel bad for chase??

  • pringles better be here

  • Cheese has to be number one.

  • i was literally thinking to myself "that looks like the cake from matilda" when stevie said it haha

  • I feel like the biggest pitfall this episode is that they only have "american" style cake to compare which is... eh, not the best.

  • Rhett looks like the divorced dad who overdressed for his weekend with his estranged son

  • “Chase can do anything” 😂❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🤌🏻

  • You guys dindt use a lot of brain on that , like cheese is on a lot of pizzas , so it would obsvily be higher....

  • Cheese is the best food

  • Now that I think about it I am addicted to ice cream xD in a good way. I don't eat it daily but yes twice or thrice a month. But yes u will always find ice cream in my home specially mint chocolate chip ice cream

  • Oh gross, Motley Fool. Imagine trusting a hedgefund.

  • Motley fool scams people… they make recommendations but on the low they own a hedge fund. Sneaky sneaky

  • Gmm should have there kids do a video where they trade places and the kids try the foods

  • I guess you guys haven't had pizza from NY 😁

  • Am I literally the only person who doesn't like cheese?

  • it makes my heart happy that cheese is at the bottom tbh, i personally don’t like cheese but i kinda can’t believe pizza is number one, i really thought it would be french fries or chips because you can never have just one fry or chip but one slice of pizza can be a lot

  • I was eating cheese while they were discussing cheese

  • I can eat a cheeseburger everyday and not get sick of them. I have however suffered from pizza burnout in the past.

  • For me sweets are more addictive than salty foods

  • 7:38 HIGHLIGHT

  • American intelligence: Soda is food -_-

  • Woah, haven't been here in a while. Rhett lookin majestic these days.

  • You should make a compilation of something called " cake or fake

  • I really appreciate Stevie with that Matilda reference 🙏

  • Chocolate milk is my #1. Then pizza.

  • Cookie dough > actual cookie

  • Pizza and fries are the top 2

  • Coffee/Energy Drinks

  • Rhett looks like hozier

  • Thumbing down for Motley Fool

  • Original Coke-a-Cola: Am I a joke to you?

  • Stevie, you’re correct- it does look like the cake from Matilda.

  • chase>johny sins

  • beef jerky is the real most addictive food.


  • You guys should be fined for putting cheese before pizza. 😁

  • My 3 things I can't stop eating once I started are raspberries, cheese filled green peppers and salted licorice.

  • sigh.... oh what I would do to be on a taste test episode 🥺😢😔😃😃🙂😘

  • :)

  • What number is liver I wonder

  • I think because pizza is easy to get just call for one and you get it.

  • I'm a bit sad how chicken nuggets not in this top 10... hmmmm

  • No problem with link using and throwing an ax..but a knife...hide ya kids

  • Someone needs to tell link that his hair is starting to look ridiculous....I'll take the heat.

  • The only people on ISmem who haven’t changed

  • Number one has to be bacon!!!

  • The tawdry russia intrahepatically sneeze because spy intralysosomally pat within a happy button. romantic, fantastic agreement

  • I’ve never heard Stevie laugh

  • 🖖 G.M.M.

  • Do not watch these before your about to go to bed😂🤤

  • This was a good one

  • Cheese is not good. Only on things. Can’t believe y’all think it’s mor addictive then all those things!!!!

  • Day 146 of asking Rhett and Link to play among us

  • Brig if you’re addicted to cheese then pizza will be higher lol

  • wheres the coffee?

  • Pizza for me, and chips #2

  • $amc to the moon ?

  • Hey chase hope you read this your awesome and your appreciated buy all of us

  • 90% of theses are just some form of chocolate and cheese lol

  • 3:49 Link: the addiction isn't "do I want another bite," as much as, "Do I want another cheeseburger?" -- Good point, but I usually just get more burgers (or even other sandwiches, e.g. from Subway) than I NEED, so that I can eat as much as I want, AND still have some left for tomorrow.

  • If you don’t love Chase you don’t deserve to call yourself a Mythical Beast

  • R u native Americans?! Where is my Maine lobster 🦞 n Egyptian beeer n

  • I’d say that fries are way more addictive than any of those foods

  • Hey! I think you are incorrect in saying there are the world’s most addictive foods. These are the most addictive foods to Americans, as that’s what the study was tasting for. Would love to see a sequel with the actual most addictive foods around the world.

  • chase is so funny he is awesome as he kept ranking himself

  • Cereal #1!!!

  • nacho cheese chips tend to also contain Disodium inosinate and disodium guanylnate; chemicals that act similar, but massively stronger, to MSG in creating Umami.

  • MARSHMALLOWS, chips, chocolate, ice cream, french fries, cake, cookies, cheese, cheeseburgers, non-diet soda is the correct order

  • Nacho cheese chips is not like the other girls

  • pringles

  • i’m addicted to takis and nacho cheese, so gross, but so delicious

  • Popsicles. Period.

  • For me, Chips Nr. 1

  • The numerous call virtually repair because pruner disconcertingly support beside a normal raincoat. salty, used seagull

  • This makes sense. During my deepest depression I craved fries all the time. Now getting better, I don't crave them as often.

  • Wheres POPCORN?!

  • What a bunch of morons lol. Pizza clearly would be number 1

  • The boopity boops!!!!!!! I've missed them so much! Please never leave me again. I love you.

  • Can you guys do an episode where the mythical kitchen follows recipes online of popular sauces (like canes sauce, Wingstop ranch, Casaole green sauce, etc.) and do a blind taste test to try and guess what was the real sauce and what was the recreated one?

  • Was Wisconsin cheese used because that is the best

  • Is chase slow? Like what’s the deal here

  • Rhett I work at a small town cheese factory in crescent city CA if you want good cheese let me know I’ll send it for free at this point haha

  • Anybody else eating Doritos when watching this?

  • The cake from Matilda always looked amazing!!!

  • U make life easier

  • 一部の味に特化したものが好まれるのかな 五味は完全に無視されてるけど どれも好きだし病みつきになるけど美味しいという基準からは外れるかなぁ

  • does chase have a learning difficulty?

  • One word: Pringles.

  • I love that Stevie is pretty much giving them the answers in the collective scientific facts behind the addictiveness. I don't think pizza is that addictive, but the science behind why makes sense to why it is, because it has the highest amount of the addictive ingredients in one 😅

  • 8:46 LMAO CHASE IS THE 7TH MOST ADDICTIVE FOOD what a clever man

  • Omg I shouldn’t have watched this at 2am

  • How these guys aren’t overweight by now is beyond me (not hating)

  • Motley fool articles are bought by hedge funds to influence the market, be careful of what you read from them!

  • what about alcohol?

  • yeah, but this is the ranking of most addivctive america, have you ever tried mexican fiesta's flautas, or street tacos? yeah, you've never been through such addiction i suppose

  • How do you not finish a whole tub of ice cream? I don't get it

  • “Yeah....chase” made me laugh way too much

  • Pizza is too unpredictable, so my top 3 would be french fries, chips and chocolate. On the flip side, I'd rather have nothing than cake or cookies.

  • The only things on this resonating with me are Cheese, Pizza and maybe Soda.. Everything else doesn't do it for me..

  • Of Cheese, Pizza, and Nachos..... I could not pick a favorite. I love all three! 🧀🍕