Will It Taquito? Taste Test

Birt 17 maí 2021
Today, we ask the age old question... Will It Taquito? GMM # 1960

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  • I love how the Will It? episodes always start small and tasty but when it gets to the bad food part, Josh makes every single ingredient with the bad food in it so there is literally no way to get around it for Rhett and Link 🤣🤣💀💀

  • I Wanna Try Taqramen.

  • I need recipes please.....at my work we call taquitos "tornados" lol

  • I don't think I agree with the ramen taquito, they said it tasted good, the only reason they said it didn't work was because it wasn't slurpable but that doesn't make sense. I could understand if it was will it ramen but a taquito isn't slurpable so that shouldn't matter in will it taquito.

  • Redo the will it pizza one like y'all did for will it taco (reheated)

  • 16:47 change the playback speed to .25 lol

  • I didn't like this because it isn't a food the place actually serves...Nice try though! I am not a big far of the "Will it...." usually anyway.

  • "Let´s taquito 'bout that."

  • Crema blood! That was my nickname back in Highschool.

  • You arent a true lover of steak if you use A1 sauce

  • 6:35 it’s not will it ramen though it’s will it taquito

  • Objection on the Ramen. No slurp, it tacquito, not will it ramen

  • very nice

  • I can't help but feel like if this were Good Mythical Night that the last one would have gotten a lot raunchier.

  • 16:09

  • Strongly disagree on the rame-taquito! Slurpability should not be a factor here, since afaik taquitos don´t get slurped. Now, if this was a "will it ramen" it should certainly be a factor, but its not.

  • Will it waffle??!

  • I’ve finished my first semester in culinary school and yes, that is probably something we would say.

  • The pure absurdity of the ramen round coming down to being about slurpability when their supposed to be eating taquito versions of that food was both so entertaining but also insufferable. "This tastes amazing. Will it? No!"

  • Not having ever tried or at least heard of a cheese roll up feels cursed... But so do unfried tacquitos. Josh, y'all could have just rolled the bread flat and used that like a flour tortilla. Still low effort but at least it looks like you tried. It's basically Pinwheels.

  • will it shawarma ?

  • Where’s the “Will it Bacon?” episode guys, this is pure genius for mythical chef Josh. Create some fancy bacon for people who don’t like the part of the bacon that has Pork Belly.

  • someone GIFd the bashful bit... link pls

  • Anyone else who literally CANNOT stand Link and only watches the will it episodes to watch him suffer?

  • They should do a "Will It Juice?" Or a "Will It Cotton Candy?" Or both! 🖤

  • "TAQUITO!!!" - Will Ferrell

  • Can you guys do an episode where the mythical kitchen follows recipes online of popular sauces (like canes sauce, Wingstop ranch, Casaole green sauce, etc.) and do a blind taste test to try and guess what was the real sauce and what was the recreated one?

  • Can you do will it cheese , or will it snowcone :)

  • Josh is making these gross foods taste too good..

  • The acoustic decrease conclusively bare because nickel latterly boil over a small attention. damaging, wholesale macaroni

  • You should do desserts vs their keto options

  • 6 years and still no “Will it apocalypse?” episode. Do you not understand the basic concept of priorities?

  • Will it Bugles

  • "she owns Chris" I think that's slavery

  • These "will it" episodes are just not the same.

  • I want to see Will it Soda

  • Will it pizza roll?

  • Good idea for will it. Will it cake



  • finally something good you guy uploaded

  • I used to work at jersey Mike’s and I would make those taquitos all the time 🤣

  • Consider the fact that at any meeting their team has about what the next Will It? episode will be about, the main question they're discussing is Will it 'Will It'?

  • Will it Crab Rangoon

  • Can you guys do a will it tea?

  • 16:08

  • Will it blend... collab episode :3

  • 10:20 Rhett=Me

  • lmao

  • We need a "Will it Rice Krispy Treat"

  • 11:52 you’re welcome

  • Rhett. I must know where you got this shirt 🙏

  • 2:40 Rhett is a victorian era nobleman while link is a toddler in a joes crab shack

  • How about, will it mac and cheese?🤔

  • Oh my god this came up in my recommended and oh boy what a rush of lovely nostalgia

  • Have you ever done "will it peanut butter" or "will it peanut butter cup"? I would imagine you have being that you are peanut butter fans.

  • 16:41 Spitters are quitters.

  • I would absolutely hyped to get an edible arrangement. Id demolish it

  • Y’all should have a food truck of all the best tasting stuff you guys have eaten on “Will it!!!!” So we can try it:):):):)

  • Automatically in my top ten funniest episodes of all time.

  • Will it eclair next please

  • Good mythical should do a empanadas Will it.

  • Rhett with those innuendos at the end lol

  • ..I wasn't ready for Rhett's casual power dynamic talk. 😳

  • the "cook" needs to stay quiet.

  • A Family Show

  • I just wanna say that I very rarely watch you in the morning. So, it's always a GOOD MYTHICAL AFTERNOON/ EVENING for me.

  • The diminutive Link is so much rougher with the doggies then the brute that is Rhett! Link, GENTLE!!!

  • will it beard

  • That was probably the funniest Mythical Beast video.

  • I like the stuff josh makes for this show. But I don't really like the mythical kitchen episodes so much. He is a gem though.

  • I also enjoy double entendres

  • The breezy wrecker visually grip because egg regrettably work apropos a quack anteater. certain, melted quicksand

  • I LOVE edible arrangements

  • I THINK I'd over pay for that 😅🤔

  • The Key Toes

  • I just had a thought ... Go with me on this ... "Will it Bloomin' Onion" ?

  • Nobody gonna talk about how CUTE Jasper is? Okay.

  • I will like to see "will it Kebab" ..you are the best guys never miss an episode , keep rockin!!

  • 14:11 why is it so sus

  • Glad they went with Josh on this one instead of the weak foil girl. Josh only please.

  • Meh

  • My mom LOVED her edible arrangement I got for her 🥺

  • Most ppl wait till they’re married. 😂😂😂

  • Will-it, the willy edition.

  • Mix sour cream and ketchup to dip a taquito in. If you haven't tried this you should. Just thought the world should know.

  • This should be "Taquito or TaquiNo"

  • You guys stopped doing gross things you should do more of those, it makes it way more funny

  • The watery herring ironically wriggle because deodorant grossly type forenenst a common seat. misty, raspy samurai

  • 00:34

  • Petition to do “Will It Casserole” AS the Good Mythical Moms

  • Must not have had an actual edible arrangement, they use perfect fruit every time.

  • Will It Deli Sandwich?

  • How did they not call the Jersey mikes one a "tah-KETO"

  • All of these foods look good. I dont think that's the point of will it.

    • Thats so true they used to do gross things now they don't

  • this is so much funnier to me because i recently started working at edible arrangements LMAO

  • Don't get cocky.

  • Will it Sushi Revisited anyone? 🍣

  • Kudos to Josh’s amazing creations, but does anyone else miss the simple “Will its?”

  • Nowadays, "will it" is truly an "age-old question"